Get your finances under control

Real-time financial data that is driven by the sales and purchase transactions you’re processing through our ERP software allows you to know; what you’re selling, whether or not it’s profitable and, just as importantly, the bigger picture of how your business is performing.

With each sales and purchase transaction updating your accounts as you go, your P&L and Balance Sheet are transformed from being monthly and yearly checks, into dynamic tools that will help you to manage your business on a daily, if not hourly, basis.

get your finances under control with khaos control cloud
multichannel multicurrency khaos control

Multichannel, multi-currency, multi-country

Why limit yourself to the UK? With so many different routes to market available, selling throughout Europe and across the world is a reality for many businesses and represents a major opportunity for growth. Our ERP Accounting Software’s multi-currency and multi-country support ensures that you can expand your operations knowing that it can easily handle currency conversion rates, country-specific VAT, EC Sales reporting, Intrastat etc.

Powerful and comprehensive reporting

In addition to the standard financial reports that you would expect (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, etc.), our solution’s advanced and powerful Sales Analysis tools provide you with the power to fully understand how your products, channels and customers are performing. With the value of your inventory tracked from the moment you book an item in and Cost of Sale automatically calculated and posted at the point of issuing a sales order, your margins and profitability are instantly available.

powerful and comprehensive reporting with khaos control
flexible accounting with khaos control cloud

Flexibility and power

Our ERP accounting software system functionality benefits from the same powerful and flexible export functionality as the rest of the solution, ensuring that all of your financial data is easily exported in a range of formats, including CSV. This means that if you wish to take an even deeper dive into the raw data and / or collaborate with your accountant, exporting and analysing your data is easily achieved.