First in, first out goods

Use the batch control software to assign date codes to stock items as they are delivered in and pick from the oldest stock to ensure correct stock rotation.

This feature is a must for businesses that handle perishable or other time-sensitive products, but the scope reaches far beyond that; it can be used as a way of batch colour matching or quality checking.

choose stock oldest to newest khaos control batch control software
maximise stock usage khaos control batch control software

Traceability, and control of your stock

Have full traceability of your batch controlled products including batch code labels, allowing for easy recalls or product information updates. Independent stock control by batch, including quarantine, write-off and warehouse locations means you’re always in control. This amount of control allows you to streamline the way your inventory is being run, and really tighten up on the processes you have in place – be that in a stockroom, or a warehouse.

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