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01 Dec 2016

Business Heroes Kill Companies Heroically

Business Heroes Kill Companies Heroically

There are heroes in many walks of life, including growing businesses. Hugely capable, and with seemingly limitless energy, Business Heroes keep companies afloat. Orders always get fulfilled, peak periods are always managed and stock is always on hand. The Business Hero stands out as the one to which everyone points as responsible for this success.

However, for all their dynamism and initiative, despite all their innovative ways of working, the Business Hero’s positive impact is skin deep.

In reality, the Business Hero may be killing your company.

How can this be?

How can such an obviously valued member of the team actually be having a negative impact?

Simply put; because they keep businesses small.



Herculean Contributions and Idiosyncracies – the Signs of a Business Hero

Companies grow reliant on heroes’ herculean contributions. Unforeseen circumstances that remove that lynchpin, such as sickness or an employee leaving for another company, can set a company back dramatically. Perhaps even fatally.

Even if heroes don’t leave, they introduce other factors that will cause you problems in the long run.

Many develop idiosyncratic methods of getting the job done that make sense to them but don’t necessarily work for anyone else. Fine, that might yield results now, but it doesn’t scale. Especially if a hero, already pushed to their limit, is expected to take on extra work. As that results in someone else, who doesn’t necessarily share the hero’s principles or approach having to pick up the slack. Generally with negative results.

Complicating this, heroes’ idiosyncratic methods also tend to rest on outmoded technology. Masses of spreadsheets, files and notes may make sense to them, but likely not to anyone that stumbles upon them and certainly not when better record-keeping options exist. Heroes may then become conservative, resistant to new ways of working that boost output, cut cost and allow expansion.

Finally, with respect to style, the hero can also become a martyr. Rather than delegating, they may assume an ever-greater workload, simply assuming they can handle it better than anyone else. But this is only true to a point. Beyond it, it rapidly becomes self-destructive.




Ok, so I may have a Business Hero, What do I do About it?

What’s the solution? How can businesses be titled away from the undue influence of heroes and towards growth?

The answer is a systems-based approach.

Systems, driven by a single piece of software like Khaos Control, mean standardisation and scalability. There’s one set of rules and one way of working. Once trained, anyone can usefully participate in the company in the same way. It doesn’t matter if anyone gets sick or moves on, any other member of the team can step in and fill the hole, making companies more robust to the everyday stresses and strains that affect every workforce.

And because systems can handle 100 orders just as easily as 1,000 or even 10,000, companies needn’t worry about pushing their heroes to breaking point as they expand.

Plus, there’s the advantage that, with a system, information can be easily recalled and understood. No more reliance on one person and their reams of paper.

So, while heroes possess many great traits, they conceal others harmful to expansion. Systems can help you overcome them and expand and prosper.

Would you like to learn more about how we can help you drive efficiency and aid growth in your business? Contact us today to have a chat about how we can help and arrange a free demo.

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