It’s a dream we’ve all entertained – escaping the drudgery of 9-5, becoming your own boss and building a booming online business. But how to make your dream a reality? The internet’s packed with often generic and conflicting information. We aim to cut through the noise with clear and direct advice for getting you from A, your goals, to B your achievement. Along the way, we’ll point to Khaos Control Cloud as the powerful small business solution to help you hit the ground running.

So, you’ve set up your domain and have WordPress installed together with an eCommerce plugin. What next?

Practical Problems

An expanding business, like bacteria on an agar plate, can face practical constraints on its growth. For bacteria, it’s space and food. For businesses, it’s also space with money as ‘food’. Before setting down the road of founding an eCommerce site, it’s imperative to think about whether you have sufficient space for your stock and sufficient money to buy it. Keep track of your outgoings with Khaos Control Cloud’s powerful accounting functionality, accessible on whatever device wherever there’s an internet connection.

Jim Kirk can help when building your online businessConsider Your Interests

If you’re going to sell car parts, and you’re not a petrol head, or sell William Shatner autographs, and you’re not a Trekkie, then you’ll lack enthusiasm. That powerful motivating force that’ll keep you going when sales are weak and profits are thin. After all, you didn’t ditch your job, where tedious tasks were handed down to you, to hand them to yourself. You opted to follow your passion.

Reinforce With Research

What is your competitors’ market presence? Where possible strive towards monopoly offering a brand-new product or service – you don’t want your time consumed marketing yet another jar of jam in a hypercompetitive environment.  And what are the demographics of your likely customers? Are there any deals you can cut or considerations you can make? There might be, for example, a substantial number of non-driving customers for whom paying a little extra to have an item delivered is the only option when they can’t access a store. Effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is possible with Khaos Control Cloud’s Leads and Opportunities screens, read why they matter here and why you’ll struggle to build your online business without them.

Awesome Appearance

It demonstrates pride in your product, helps you stand out and improves customer satisfaction. Spend time curating great product photos, testing what achieves the best response, then use the finest packaging to protect whatever you send. Not only will it look good, but it’ll minimise complaints from customers angered by damaged goods. Further boost their loyalty with a great tracked delivery service. You can’t control every aspect of that process, but you can minimise the anxiety for you and your customers with knowledge of where your goods are at any point.

Google helps you when building online businessPromotion Pays

Online, as in real life, it’s not necessarily true that if you build it they will come. A flashy website is not enough to entice customers to part with their cash. Promotion is an essential element to grow your burgeoning business. And it’s easier and cheaper than it’s ever been. It costs nothing to perfect your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) with appropriate URLs, meta tags and descriptions, nor does establishing a social media presence. Quirkiness helps. CD Baby’s Derek Shivers took an original take on bog-standard confirmation emails and it earned his company tens of thousands of Google entries.

Referral Rewards

But even if you do venture into spending money, pay-per-click ads are a low-price way to draw in customers. The ideal is to kick-start a networking effect where a good or service’s value increases the more people use it. PayPal famously hit a critical user mass for this effect to take hold by paying $10 for each new customer and each subsequent friend they referred. When the company went public two years later, it was valued at $800 million, proving a small initial investment aimed at attracting customers can go a long way. Why not consider a referral scheme of your own?

Mindset Matters

We’ve touched on the importance of enthusiasm, how it’s a dynamo that’ll generate the energy to keep you moving forward, but other approaches compliment a winning mindset. Related to enthusiasm is positive thinking. Frequently, by lacking confidence and allowing excessive gloominess to enter our minds, we succumb to thinking we can’t do something. And so don’t try. But in so doing, it’s unsurprising that thing doesn’t get done. We’re often our own worst enemies. Failure often breeds negativity, but another aspect of a winning mindset is treating mistakes as opportunities to improve. For failure is only really failure if we fail to learn after we err.

Building a Booming Online Business

So, we’ve covered the main ingredients of earning a living online with a robust eCommerce business, from mental attitude to the importance of appearance and promotion. Khaos Control Cloud developed out of a desire to help businesses grow. The next step in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, hosted on our servers so you can access key business information wherever there’s internet, all its features are designed with you and your business in mind. To help you and your company be the best it can be.

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