Delivery. The final piece in the jigsaw for many multichannel retailers. Cracking the final mile is something that everyone from Jeff Bezos to Hyundai are desperate to achieve and none of them are sparing the horses. Our ERP software integrates with more than 40 couriers in order to provide retailers with the ability to offer the right delivery service to their customers at the right price.
Delivery firms are constantly innovating and trying to improve the service they offer, with more options available than ever before.
As a result, Khaos Control has seen a number of changes roll out during the last few months that will help retailers to crack the final mile, and this blog post will drill into what’s changed, why and how it could help you and your business.
Royal Mail and the Final Mile

Royal Mail International Shipping

Affordable, trackable delivery worldwide is now possible from within our ERP solution. From Royal Mail’s International Tracked and Signed For services, through to their Economy offering, you can now take advantage of Royal Mail’s overseas delivery offering direct from Khaos Control, opening a world of customers to your business whilst still being able to track your goods.
Access to Royal Mail’s International Shipping options relies on your having integration with Net Despatch enabled in your instance of Khaos Control, along with a valid Royal Mail account. Please contact our development team if you require any assistance with this.

Courier Banding Weight Calculations

As mentioned in our recent webinar, it is now possible to exclude drop-ship items from weight calculations when allowing the system to automatically select delivery services and rates.
Our Courier Banding functionality allows you to configure your ERP solution to automatically select the appropriate delivery service for every order based on a variety of values, including weight. If you’re processing sales orders that contain a mix of ‘normal’ and drop-ship items and are selecting delivery services based on order weight, then excluding the drop-ship items could make a significant different to your delivery costs.
You can control this behaviour via the Exclude drop-ship items from weight total setting in System Values –> Sales –> Invoice Management.
Please Note: for this functionality to work as expected on invoices, Courier Services need to be flagged as On Invoice-Reassess in System Data –> Couriers.
Labels and the Final Mile

Net Despatch .PNG Label Printing

Integrating with your courier(s) via Net Despatch enables you to use a range of courier services without having to worry about dealing with each courier’s Delivery and IT Support function. As well as being able to embed courier labels via our integration with Net Despatch, customers are able to download .PDF copies of labels for printing.
Whilst this meant that labels were always portable, it also meant that automated label printing was at the mercy of your current .PDF software and that the label files themselves took up more bandwidth that was necessary.  Net Despatch were conscious of this issue and having worked with ourselves and a number of other providers, have extended their API so that we can pull down .PNG (image) files for labels, instead of .PDFs.
This means that it’s far quicker and easier to print labels. It also means that the automated side of label printing in Khaos Control stays automated and can’t be impacted by your PDF software. Finally, it also means that you now have even more options in terms of how the label that we are sent from Net Despatch is used and / or printed, as the PNG file can be embedded in relevant customer-facing documentation, as well as simply being printed.
If you’re already using Net Despatch in your ERP solution, then you can take advantage of this functionality straight away by updating your Net Despatch label printing settings in KSS Options. Please drop our Support Team a line if you have any questions in that regard.
If you’re not currently using Net Despatch and would find this functionality useful, please email and the team will be able to help with regards to putting this in place for you.
Amazon and the Final Mile

Amazon Logistics – Revolutionising the Final Mile

Currently operating in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, London, Manchester and Nottingham, Amazon Logistics are just one of the tools with which the online behemoth is looking to crack the final mile and continue their domination of Multichannel retail.  Alongside our integrations with Amazon’s UK, US and European offerings, as well as FbA, our integration with Amazon Logistics enables companies to tap into this offering, direct from their ERP solution.
Amazon Logistics’ services vary from the majority of courier services in two important ways:

  1. You need to be able to define whether or not an Amazon Logistics carrier will pick up or not.
  2. Amazon Logistics work to a ‘Must Arrive BY Date’, rather than an Expected Delivery Date. Amazon will reject shipments with a Delivery Date that is not sufficiently far enough in the future.

As with everything else courier-based in our ERP solution, data is uploaded to Amazon Logistics once shipment is confirmed and you’ve run the Assign to Courier process.

Define Couriers Against Scheduled Shipments

Subscriptions and repeat orders are becoming more and more popular and you can offer this kind of service to your customers using our Scheduled Shipment functionality. With eCommerce subscription offerings ranging from entertainment giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime, through to young, vibrant brands like Pact Coffee and Cornerstone, the opportunities are endless. The Scheduled Shipment functionality in Khaos Control has been extended so that your eCommerce website can now define Courier or Courier Group data on import. This means that your customer can define and amend their delivery options when creating or editing a Scheducled Shipment on your eCommerce website. This provides them with more choice and a better experience and also gives you the opportunity to up-sell them to a more profitable delivery option.
If you are not currently using Scheduled Shipments this option needs to be enabled. Please contact our Development Team to arrange this.

Still Have Questions About Your Final Mile?

Then I’m going to make the assumption that you’re not yet using our software!  To learn more about our ERP solution and how it can help your business to grow sustainably and rapidly, contact us today.