In this post, we’ll look at how great customer service can reduce returns, leading to huge growth. Embracing this with Khaos Control Cloud and turning the negative of returns into the positive of sales.

One of the first eCommerce start-ups, Amazon, survived the dot-com bubble, and a more than 90% fall in stock price, to rocket on to vast success with Amazon Prime, Amazon Video and Amazon Web Services. In the next decade, it stands a great chance of becoming the world’s first trillion-dollar company.

What explains this growth – from garage to what may be twelve-digit valuation?

A leading factor is the company’s customer obsession. It’s number one of their 14 ‘Leadership Principles’, compels Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to place an empty chair – representing the customer – at managerial meetings and has led him to apologise to customers personally. It’s firmed up brand loyalty, and led Amazon to offer great products and services consistently.

We’re not suggesting your eCommerce business will cruise to trillion-dollar status anytime soon (although it might!), but one way to boost sales is to take Amazon’s customer services philosophy to heart. And although that has implications right across the breadth of your company, we’ll focus on returns, that area of greatest dissatisfaction with your company. Because that doesn’t have to be permanent. Returns can be turned around, customers don’t have to remain at that lowest ebb.

What Khaos Control Cloud offers is captured by ‘speed’, ‘control’ and ‘visibility’. Taken together, each delivers the ideal customer service Amazon embodies and which you want to share.


First, speed. Imagine an irate customer has called regarding a product return. In that moment, you need to know exactly what they’ve bought, when and how much. Fortunately, that information is at your fingertips with Khaos Control Cloud. Not only can you find the return in question instantly – on any internet-enabled device – but see within that a return reason.

Watch our explainer video if you’re unsure how to do this:


Second, control. Returns aren’t the end of the road. They’re an opportunity – an opportunity to sell the customer an alternative product that broadly does whatever they wanted the original product to do. It’s unlikely, after all, that whatever need your product was going to answer has gone away. And you don’t want a competitor stepping in to snatch business away from you.

Of course, if you’re not offering a direct replacement, there’ll be a price discrepancy with the returned item – either it’ll cost more or less. But that’s handled easily in Khaos Control Cloud. Our explainer videos below tell you how.


And third, visibility. If you’re as customer-obsessed as Amazon, you’ll treat returns as a major event in the life of your company. Ideally, you want your customer relationship to be defined by successful sale after successful sale – you, happy that you’re turning profit and they delighted with your product. Stock should move in one direction only, from pick, pack and despatch. Flowing back to you as a return – requiring new processing – is jarring, disruptive. A waste of your time and theirs.

In the long run, you’ll want to understand why they keep happening. Have common threads emerged, such as product damage during transit? If so, you might reconsider which courier you’re using or your products.

But you’ll only be able to perform this returns analysis, about which we’re poised to blog about in greater depth (so stay tuned), if all your returns information is in one place. Not on scraps of paper, or in spreadsheets or Word documents. And that’s exactly what Khaos Control Cloud offers. From Customer Relations Management (CRM), logging all your customer interactions, to the Returns functionality itself.

And remember, as an ERP on the Go, that information is available on any device wherever there’s internet access. It means you’re liberated from the office to oversee and respond to events affecting your company on the train commuting to the latest expo, in the hotel after a successful day of sales or at home on the living room sofa.

We’ve looked at Amazon’s example for stellar customer services, how it shows what’s possible when made a top priority, and covered how Khaos Control Cloud brings speed, control and visibility to your returns process – all helping to reduce those returns and up sales.

If you’re not already, it’s time to get in with Khaos Control Cloud. Revolutionised returns are only a small aspect of the improved processes and increased efficiencies it offers for building stronger businesses.

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Please Note: This article was edited on 21/02/2018 to reflect Khaos Control Cloud’s updated process re: trials.