27th January 2017

Fear not! We’ve got three reasons why you don’t need to worry:

  1. Firstly, we already allow you to store EANs, ASINs, EPIDs and other eBay-accepted product IDs in Khaos Control.
  2. The technical team here in Grantham have been liaising with eBay to ensure that we’re ahead of the curve when it comes to implementing the changes.
  3. Issues rolling this change out in Australia and Ireland, mean that eBay have delayed the launch of their Product ID changes.

Why we care about eBay

1995. Toy Story hit the silver screen, the PlayStation went on sale and eBay was founded by Pierre Omidyar. A signature success of the dot-com bubble, it’s remarkable to consider this trailblazer is now into its third decade, and is continuing to grow and adapt.
In this blog post, we will cover eBay’s financial health and the latest changes to its Application Programming Interface (APIs) that power Khaos Control’s ability to communicate with the marketplace.
We know that our integration with eBay’s API saves Khaos Control customers to bring order to their marketplace selling. The feature-rich tools we provide helps users in the Khaos Family hours every day and make it possible for them to challenge and outstrip their rivals. Enabling our customers to extend their reach to more than 167 million active buyers is something we’re very proud of. As a result, changes to eBay’s API and selling rules are something that we work hard to stay on top of.
Khaos Family members will know that we already communicate important updates via email, but we have decided to extend this to blog posts as well.

So, how is eBay performing?

eBay recently released its earnings report for 2016’s fourth quarter. And it was filled with good news. An extra two million shoppers used the site, contributing to total sales of £17.8 billion and revenue of £1.9 billion. This meant, compared with 2015’s last quarter, revenues were up 3%. Contrasting 2016 with 2015 overall, revenues were up 5%.
The message is that eBay is not going anywhere anytime soon – it is a top consumer destination of which you and your business should be a part. And you can be with Khaos Control’s versatile multichannel integration.


Integral to that are eBay’s APIs. 2016 saw a revamp, unveiling 10 new APIs split into Buy and Sell. While Buy APIs allow shoppers to purchase eBay items anywhere outside of eBay.co.uk, Sell APIs grant retailers end-to-end management of their eBay presence. From Accounts to Inventory and Fulfilment to Marketing.
eBay’s Trading API, which is what Khaos Control currently integrates with, also remains and will be subject to change. Search engines and other platforms are becoming increasingly reliant on Product Identifiers, such as barcodes, and so they will become mandatory across many categories, in order for eBay to keep up.

What do the eBay Product ID changes mean for you?

Your products will require manufacturer European Article Numbers (EANs), Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPNs), Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs), eBay Product IDs (EPIDs) or Google Product Numbers as the ‘Does not apply’ listing option in eBay will be removed. There will also be the option to create your own. We are updating Khaos Control to reflect the change.

When will the changes be coming into effect?

The original timetable envisaged February 2017, but rollout delays in Australia and Ireland have led to eBay delaying the deployment of this change globally. eBay now anticipate enforcing their Product Identifier mandate on the Irish eBay site in 2018.
eBay continues to dominate and API changes will continue apace. Regarding Product Identifiers, the fact that eBay have relaxed their deadline, gives retailers more time to adapt.
We’ll keep you updated once precise dates are released. But in the meantime, if your business is struggling with multichannel integration, wanting access to eBay’s immense customer base and finding it hard to list and update product items, consider Khaos Control.
We’re passionate about our business management solution’s functionality, believing that your success is ours. As a result we are driven to continuously improve our products and services in order to fuel your growth.
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