21st May 2018

Challenges women face in the world of business are still prevalent, affecting their lives in all sectors. Many use the argument that men should think about how they would want their mothers, sisters and daughters to be treated in the workplace, but this is a symptom of  the problem, derived from endemic sexism present in society. Women should be treated based on merit and human decency. Their relation to men should have no bearing on what they can achieve or how they should be treated, even in a positive aspect.

That’s why here at Khaos Control we believe women should have every opportunity afforded to help overcome the challenges they face on a daily basis. Empowering Women Powering Business has a great selection of speakers offering  expertise on a wide variety of fields. Everything you need to know to get ahead in the world of business is available at this event.

But what can you expect? Here is a list of speakers and their topics/times.

Wednesday the 6th of June, Stubton Hall, Fenton Rd, Stubton, Newark NG23 5DD: 

Arrival- Due to high demand we kindly ask that everyone arrive at 09:00 to allow for registration/tea and coffee.

09:45- We invite you to sit down and listen to the introductory speech by our very own Lisa Depoortere.


09:55 -Keynote speaker: Anna Abrell from Qubit and DevelopHer

Anna is the Marketing Manager at eCommerce personalisation tech company Qubit. She is passionate about all things online shopping and fashion tech. Since completing an MA in Strategic Fashion Marketing at LCF, she has worked in the eCommerce sector on both the B2B and B2C side. Including heading up the marketing for app commerce platform Poq, working in eCommerce at footwear brand Dr. Martens and at luxury brand Matthew Williamson, and working for event series Decoded Fashion.

She is also a  board member of DevelopHer where she is responsible for the core strategy and operations of the company.

Anna will be delivering a talk about her ‘Experiences as a Woman in Business and the Tech Sector’.

10:20 –David O’Brien from Business Doctors

David O’Brien came to Business Doctors with a strong background in operations, learning and development, and people management.

“Having spent the last 17 years in healthcare technology, I have always found myself in roles where I am setting up something new or supporting others to succeed in their roles,” he says.”My strengths and motivations lie in helping and advising people to be the best they can be in business.”

With previous experience launching new products and leading a national team of 100 people, David’s expertise is broad and covers business strategy, sales, operations, change management and project management alongside training and development.

David will be hosting a workshop on ‘Company Strategies and Planning for the Future’.

There will be a brief Intermission of 20 minutes after this Talk. 

11:40 –Jonathan Oldhams from Webstraxt

Jonathan is the founder and Managing Director of Webstraxt Limited – passionate about delivering results and driving growth, Jonathan has over 13 years’ experience building and accelerating brands online.

He says: “I’ve spent over 13 years working within the eCommerce industry and I’ve seen a lot of industry changes and consumer trend changes – now really is a great time to be working within a vastly changing industry. Some of our clients have grown from start-ups to multi-million-pound businesses and it is incredibly rewarding to be a part of their growth”.

Jonathan will be discussing ‘Online Trading: How to Get Started and Optimise Trade’.

12:00 –Julia Clarke from Wright Vigar

Julia joined Wright Vigar in 2013, bringing with her over 25 years of tax knowledge and expertise. Originally trained as an Inspector of taxes in Leicester, she made the move into practice after five years with the Inland Revenue. Julia works in corporate tax, with specialisms in business structuring, research anddevelopment claims, capital allowances, loss preservation and exit planning.

Julia will be delivering a speech on ‘Research and Development  Tax Relief’.

12:20 –Helen Barge from Risk Evolves

A member of the Risk Management Standards Committee at the British Standards Institute and of the Institute of Leadership and Management, Helen has worked in a variety of industry sectors since 1986. Throughout she has held roles encompassing IT and business management, including over a decade in governance, risk and compliance. This breadth of experience allows Helen to apply her knowledge of IT systems, processes and procedures to the complexities of the business environment.

She is the focal point for cyber security at the Coventry and Warwickshire regional group of the Federation of Small Businesses, and regularly delivers presentations to cross-sector groups on the need to ensure their security.

Helen will be giving a talk on ‘Protecting the Critical Assets in your Business’.

12:40 –Jodie King from SEO Traffic Lab

Jodie is the Head of Operations at SEO Traffic Lab. She is responsible for ensuring clients strategies are delivered by managing departments and individual staff to ensure return on investment. She is also responsible for data insight measurement throughout clients’ journeys so SEO Traffic Lab are constantly refining their strategy and adapting to a rapidly-changing digital landscape.

“There is so much scope when marrying a client with their ideal digital marketing framework. There is an abundance of creativity involved in selecting the right social media platforms to maximise outreach, the correct blog themes/tone/style to engage audiences, the right level of openness and professionalism on website pages to attract clients, and the right ‘wow’ media, such as video, animation, audio, webinars, and infographics, to intrigue and impress a following.”

Jodie will be delivering a speech on ‘How to be Successful at Digital Marketing on a Budget’.

13:00 -Lisa Depoortere with the end speech

We have brilliant speakers ready to share their huge knowledge, both during presentations and later during our event’s networking section.