5th June 2017

Welcome to Khaos presents 60 minute make over… (sorry, not quite) but we are channeling our inner Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen to tell you exactly why you should be paying more attention to your office interior, and how your office interior can improve productivity

Rationalise your day, how many hours do we spend at the workplace? More than we care to own up to! So, why do we neglect to think about how we situate our desks or how we decorate our office space?

Interestingly, there’s even some science behind this madness! Here’s what our highly-qualified team of interior knowledge experts (our very own Marketing Team) suggest.

Colours to InspireColours for office interior

Colour Psychologist, Angela Wright, investigated the way that colours affect our moods. She found that the more ‘intense’ a colour is, the more stimulating it’ll be. Even more interestingly, she found that each colour affects a different part of us. Blue affects the mind, red affects the body, yellow for self-confidence and green for all round, mind, body and emotions. And if you combine colours, you get the effects of both.

So, what can we take from this? Well, for the nature of an office job, it’s said that the most productive colour would be blue – to stimulate the mind. However, too much blue could be overkill, so adding in some warmer colours can give it balance both to the eye and the mind!

So dig out some blue accessories, or go the whole way and revamp your workspace to include the cool coloured theme.

Art AttackArt as office interior

Art in the office is a positive thing – yes, this is another one backed by science! Dr Craig Knight, who studied the psychology of working environments, found that ‘sanitised, lean work spaces’ that aim to discourage distraction, actually do the opposite. His study revealed that those that work in an enriched office, featuring art and plants, worked 15% quicker and had fewer health complaints, compared to those that didn’t. And this was even better when employees were able to position the art themselves – so, if you don’t already, loosen the reigns and allow your staff to have an input in their environment!

Plants as office interiorPlant Productivity

Plants aren’t just for the home, there are multiple benefits from using them to brighten up the office. Not just for the visual element, it is rumoured to have a positive effect on physical and mental health. Environmental research discovered that air quality, along with the rate at which people recover from illness, is improved with plants. And that’s not the only benefit, it is shown to lower stress levels and increase productivity. When thinking of your surroundings, bring the outside in for a soothing office space!

Let the Light InLight office interior

Now, it’s no secret that sitting in a dull office, void of natural light, can send you stir crazy. But it isn’t always apparent just how much it can affect you. Studies suggest that offices that have more exposure to light promote longer and better-quality sleep, more physical activity and better quality of life. Why not arrange your desk around the windows and watch the benefits take effect?

Take Your Business on the Go

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