26th March 2018

The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel. And if your employees don’t feel valued, neither will your customers.Sybil F. Stershic

Employee value = customer value. What’s one way to make your employees feel valued? Invest in training that suits their individual abilities. Delivering training in the right manner will maximise employee potential and job engagement. And a happy employee is a productive employee.

There are two main training methods that are commonly used in employee training face to facetraining. Let’s break them down:

Face-to-face – suits people who are less comfortable with computers. Those that prefer this style of training appreciate tangible learning objectives and have a lot of questions.

Online – suits employees who can motivate themselves and stick to goals set. Employees who work well this way tend to be computer literate and ask fewer questions.

We’ve always spearheaded online training. From the get go, we wanted our training to be as accessible as possible, and nothing says that like online. However, we appreciate that some of our customers would prefer the opportunity for face-to-face training. At Khaos, we listen to our customers and develop our offer in response to feedback received. In addition to online support (in-app how to videos etc.), we are now offering onsite training sessions. In this blog, we’ll take a dive into training methods and what they can each offer. Which to opt for? The choice is yours!

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Why is Training Important?

Training your employees is as relevant and needed as ever. 75% of millennials say they would consider leaving their job if they don’t see options for professional development. 3 in 4 employees said they don’t feel they have the opportunity for professional growth, and 1 in 4 say they don’t have the tools to be successful in their role. Nailing the training you deliver can transform these figures. It can also make sure that your employees are fulfilling their job role to their fullest potential.

What’s Face-to-Face?

Face to face training was where it all started. Pre-internet, this was the only option and the method definitely has its benefits. It allows the trainer to adjust their approach to different individuals and their learning styles. It also encourages collaborative working – employees can share ideas, tips and best practises that they feel others would benefit from. This structured, face-to-face learning can help to engage colleagues, and nourish relationship building between them.

What’s Online?

Online training has developed massively in the last 40 years; there was elearning a time when the words ‘online training’ would bring dread into the stomach of most. With clunky technology and misunderstandings over different learning styles and approaches, this training method was certainly less favoured. In today’s world it’s become a lot sleeker. With more research and better technology has come positive change to online training.

Here at Khaos, online teaching has been a preference because we love how scalable it can be. As your business grows, the teaching materials grow with you, and you can easily add on new modules depending on your business and staff needs. eLearning saves potentially expensive site visits, and travel time is practically nil. You have the freedom to log on and complete the training exactly when it suits you best. Flexibility is the word!

A Bit of Both?

It is clear to see that both teaching methods have their pros and cons. However, when you combine them, you get a balanced learning offer. In relation to our software, Khaos Control Cloud, ensuring that we give your staff the best chance to understand the system is important to us. For those that are more tech savvy, you will fly through the online training. For staff that prefer a classroom atmosphere, having two days on site (our recommendation) can help to start the process of understanding and knowledge necessary to use Khaos Cloud to its full potential. Combining these different styles of learning will support most staff members in a business, ensuring they feel valued through training they can really get to grips with.

Which Method Wins?

Neither! Both teaching training wins methods have their pros and cons. It’s all dependent on your staff abilities and their receptiveness to training. Both methods can work together, but also are suitable operating alone. We know that eLearning can potentially save costs, but face-to-face is more adaptable to the diverse range of staff in a business.

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