When you search for a product on Google, which website pops up first almost all the time?

That’s right, Amazon.

sell on Amazon


With an expected revenue of over $200 billion (about £160 billion) in 2017, Amazon is one of the leading online marketplaces. Everybody knows it – and everybody uses it. 310 million active customer accounts in 2016 are proof for that. It would be a shame to miss out on that amazing selling opportunity.

But selling on Amazon is not easy. It works differently from eBay or other platforms and the website’s incredible number of listings represent enormous competition.

Fortunately, we can help you to stand out from the competition and successfully grow your business with Amazon. Take a look at the following tips and tricks and learn how to sell on Amazon like a boss.

Leverage Amazon’s Selling Tools … Like a Boss

Stay Basic or Go Pro

In general, Amazon offers two ways to sell on its platform:

  • Basic
  • Pro

The Basic selling plan is for occasional selling, as you pay only when you sell something. Currently, the per-item fee is £0.75. On the other hand, there is the Pro selling plan, which works best for volume sales. The current monthly subscription fee is £25, but there are no per-item fees as opposed to the Basic plan. So, if we quickly do the maths, the Pro account is the better option as soon as you sell more than 35 items a month. See the following table from Amazon for more detail:

sell on amazon

As a business, the Pro option is generally the one to go for. It also provides you with additional benefits, like the ability to offer 1-click purchase on your listings and automation tools. Furthermore, as a Pro seller you have the chance to get your listings in the Buy Box. This is the box on a product detail page, where the customers can add an item to their shopping cart.

The Buy Box

If only one seller is offering a specific item, he or she will be in the Buy Box. If many sellers are offering the same product, which is often the case on Amazon, they are usually competing for the Buy Box. The seller who wins the Buy Box will then be presented to the customer as the first choice. It goes without saying that this can boost your sales rapidly. The remaining sellers will be listed either in the More Buying Choices box, or when the customer clicks the ‘new & used’ link.

Depending on the product you are offering and the competition for it, winning the Buy Box can be a very difficult task. Amazon doesn’t only award the Buy Box on price, as only sellers with excellent customer feedback are eligible. This means, they take into account various criteria, like the customer satisfaction rating, competitive pricing, order defect rates, contact response times, availability of products, on-time delivery and much more. You will need to deliver a great performance for several months before you can win the Buy Box. But it is definitely worth the hassle.

Fulfilled by Amazon

The Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) service allows you to send your items to one of Amazon’s fulfilment centres and they will store it, pick it, pack it and ship it to your customers in the UK or internationally. Using FBA provides you with various advantages. For example, it makes your products eligible for Amazon Prime, which can make a huge impact on your visibility and sales on the marketplace.

Consider all of the above factors and do your best to exploit them – you will see your sales grow at the speed of light!

Provide Excellent Customer Service … Like a Boss

sell on amazonIn conjunction with the above, providing excellent customer service is not the only route to the Buy Box, but it is vital to long term success on Amazon.

Ok, great! But, what does excellent customer service mean? It means, for example, committing to open communication with your customers in order to build a rapport with them. You may want to implement a measure to ensure that you respond to customer emails within 24 hours and in a friendly manner, for example. Do your best to resolve any issues or problems as quickly as possible and directly with the customer. Integrated CRM functionality helps you to stay ahead of the game in this regard, as does Seller Central.

One of Amazon’s key requirements is that you despatch your items within two working days of the order notification. So it’s vital to make sure you have your items ready to go.

Talking about order fulfilment, FBA is again something to consider. In general, it is important to be honest and open with regards to lead times. Don’t promise next-day delivery when you can’t guarantee it. Also, try to keep your published shipping costs low. They are not the only relevant factor in a customer’s purchase decision, but unreasonable shipping costs will put off potential customers from buying.

Treating your customers with respect and making them feel valuable by providing an excellent service can earn you great reviews and in turn a better ranking and increased sales. Never forget that when selling online!

Write Titles and Descriptions … Like a Boss

sell on amazonYour products’ titles and descriptions are what introduces them to the customer and are, therefore, extremely valuable. However, there are some rules and pitfalls that need to be considered in order to make them work as hard as possible for you.


Regarding the title, include only information that is relevant to the product, like the brand and important specifications. Do not include any coupons or sales phrases, as those violate Amazon’s policy. Also, avoid using HTML code, ALL CAPS and symbols, but rather use title case to make the title easy to read.

Product Descriptions

When it comes to product descriptions, Amazon aggregates the most useful information across all sellers who sell the same product. However, this does not mean you can completely ignore it. Because if a customer does not find the information he wants on a product, it might prevent him from buying it at all. So make sure you hand in detailed and accurate information.

Bullet Points

The same is true for the bullet points that go on top of the product page. There you should highlight the five key features of your product. Again, do not include promotional information.

Take Pictures … Like a Boss

sell on amazonProduct pictures on Amazon need to make up for the fact that shoppers cannot actually hold the product in their hands before they purchase it. It is essential that you upload several photos that clearly show the product from various perspectives.

Ensure that the photos are:

  • Of a good quality,
  • Highlight the product’s benefits but are not fake, meaning they need to show the product how it really is.
  • Use good lighting and a clean background.
  • If applicable, shots providing a reference for the size of the product can be useful too.

Put some effort into your product images – in the end they can convince somebody to buy YOUR product! And don’t forget that all images need to comply with Amazon’s Photo Requirements.

Keep on Top of Your Orders … Like a Boss

We already touched on how important it is to have your products available and to provide a fast delivery without mistakes. To achieve that, you need to keep on top of your orders at all times.

You might be able to do that manually for a little while. But as soon as you start selling more, you will need support. And this is where Khaos Control Cloud comes in.

Because our Cloud ERP system integrates with Amazon. This means it is simple to keep on top of your orders, thanks to our warehouse automation. This leaves you with more time to focus on what is really important: growing and improving your business.

Sell on Amazon … Like a Boss

It’s time to blast off and take your business into the stratosphere with Amazon. Leverage the platform’s selling tools, embrace customer service and polish up your listings. And then manage your success with Khaos Control Cloud.

sell on amazon

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Please Note: This article was edited on 21/02/2018 to reflect Khaos Control Cloud’s updated process re: trials.