3rd April 2019

If you’re in the business of eCommerce, it’s important to know what’s selling well in your sector. With the eCommerce industry growing year-on-year, it’s important for online sellers to update their offers and scale their business based on the demands of what people really want to buy. We’ve been looking at what’s likely to sell well for 2019 based on the buying behaviour of the last few years, sector by sector.
We’ve covered Clothing as well as Tech & Gadgets in our ongoing blog series.

Next up? Homeware.

trending products to sell spiced honey

trending products to sell spiced honey graph

First up we have Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2019, ‘Spiced Honey’. This warm and woody caramel hue has taken a huge surge in interest since Christmas 2018 and experts are predicting the colour will appear in homeware and décor items throughout 2019. So, if you look around your stock room and can’t see much caramel, you might want to consider adding a few items.

trending products to sell spiced honey

trending products to sell abstract art graph

Graphic geometrics and the combination of primary colours all contribute to what we consider ‘abstract art’. When you think of this art form, the images of Picasso, Jackson Pollock and Robert Delaunay might appear in your mind. This art form really stands out in a gallery, and this ‘odd-one-out’ characteristic transfers itself perfectly to homeware. This trend has shown consistent levels of interest throughout the last few years but has gained particularly high levels of search interest since late 2018.

trending products to sell terrazzo

trending products to sell terrazzo graph

As the chart suggests, Terazzo worktops have been rising in continuous interest since December 2018 and are predicted by homeware experts to dominate the rest of the year. For those who aren’t familiar, Terrazzo is as a material made from marble, brass or glass elements placed into a coloured liquid pigmented cement base.

banner image

From old grandfather clocks to shabby chic cabinets, preloved items are proving to be a popular than ever before. This trend might be because of this generations love of what is old, or because of the durability and quirkiness second-hand furniture can add to a room.

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