Sophie Allport + Khaos Control

Sophie Allport is a family business based near Stamford in Lincolnshire that produces fine bone china, kitchen and home textiles, matt oilcloth products and stationery. British Designer Sophie Allport set up the business in 2007 with her brother Jem.

As a qualified chartered accountant, Jem has supplied the business acumen and drive to expand sourcing and sales of the Sophie Allport range, leaving Sophie free to focus on design and product development.
Key collections include Chicken, Busy Bee, Butterfly, Rose, Labrador, Good Life and Strawberries & Cream. The business is based just outside of Stamford, Lincolnshire and employs family members including Jem, Sophie, their mother Mary, Jem’s wife Chloe and a couple of family friends and now some friends of friends too!

The Business challenge

As a company, Sophie Allport were facing several issues under their previous finance and CRM system. Their previous accounts system had reached its full capacity meaning that simple financial functions took significant time to complete. Alongside issues with the system’s processing speed, the previous CRM system did not easily integrate with the accounts software meaning that customer communication was not logged effectively and efficiently.

In regards to the retail market, Sophie Allport sell through multiple sales channels, thus, they needed a system which could integrate with their website back office, as well as managing Amazon and telephone orders. Sophie Allport also exhibit at various retail shows across the country therefore needed a system which could accurately record customer sales as well as processing the orders through a system which could work standalone and could later link up to the main system.

Along with a B2C solution, they also required a system which could handle B2B sales and allow the company to grow using accurate sales data to aid forecasting. Stock Control via various channels had also been an increasing problem during the company’s growth as items were continuously going in and out of stock and our sales channels were unable to tap into live stock figures.

The solution

Khaos Control Solutions and Sophie Allport implemented Khaos Control into their business, providing:

  • Fully integrated accounts, stock management and CRM system.
  • System which fully integrated with their current web channel alongside Amazon which provided live stock and order feeds.
  • A standalone EPOS system which could run at external shows which could be downloaded back into the live system at a later point.

The benefits

By implementing Khaos Control, Sophie Allport have been able to:

  • Decrease the number of customer orders which are only partly fulfilled.
  • Report on and action customer’s back orders and issues.
  • Allow live stock figures to filter through to Sophie Allport’s website and their Amazon selling channel.
  • Orders from Sophie Allport’s website and Amazon to automatically feed into Khaos to allow seamless processing and dispatch.
  • Track and report on warehouse stock more effectively to decrease unnecessary stock holding.
  • Record show sales much more accurately and allow a more detailed evaluation of stock sales against regional shows.
  • Improve customer service by reducing unnecessary issue such as products being out of stock, tracking problem products and rectifying issues sooner.

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