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Breckland Scientific Supplies + KHAOS Multi-Channel Software

Why Choose Khaos Control?

We caught up with Phil Tomlinson, MD of Breckland Scientific Supplies to find out how the first 18 months of using Khaos Control have gone for them.

Phil had implemented Khaos in another business and knew how good it was and how well it was supported in terms of initial implementation / training and day to day usage.  However, when setting up Breckland Scientific Supplies he took a serious look at Khaos Control’s competition, in order to ensure that he wasn’t missing a better alternative.  The research Phil did demonstrated that Khaos is simply better, easier to use and reliable.

Far more than being just a stock control system, Phil told us that: ‘Khaos is a company-wide purchase, as it will simplify and integrate all of your business functions’

Phil went on to say that he: seriously considered a number of Khaos’ competitors, but in simple terms I wanted an all-in-one, integrated system, not a modular solution that I would be tied into spending more and more money on as my business grew.  Most importantly, I wanted a system that would improve efficiency and thus reduce cost.  Khaos has done all this and more!

Such great feedback is marvellous to hear, but we’re always keen to understand as much as possible about how our customers perceive Khaos Control, and Phil was generous enough to share the following 12 reasons as to why Khaos is such a great fit for Breckland Scientific:

  1. Khaos does everything a mail order business requires.
  1. The accounts system replaces Sage completely and is much better. Additionally, Khaos Control’s integrated accounts functionality has been part of their system for over a decade and, therefore, is tried and tested.
  1. The Sales Invoice Manager allows me, as a Business Owner, to see every order, invoice, credit, quote and return in one single view – it is the backbone of the system. No other system provides this.
  1. The re-ordering function is so sophisticated, funds allowing, you should never be out of stock or over-stocked. Once back order items are booked in Khaos automatically releases the order for picking – no tedious hanging around for manual allocations once the goods have been received.
  1. The Size Colour Style function allows multiple variants of the same product, far easier to manage than multiple stock lines that have no association whatsoever.
  1. Order input via web integration, direct input and EPoS provide maximum flexibility – direct / telephone order input is incredibly quick on Khaos when compared to the competition.
  1. Khaos’ Channel and Branding functionality is incredibly useful if you have multiple channels and websites under different brand names and want to provide the customer with a consistent experience from start to finish.
  1. Customisation of Khaos to suit your exact requirements is easy and cost effective – this provides flexibility which is vital to any rapidly growing business.
  1. Returns rock in Khaos! The integration with supplier returns and the resulting stock control and invoices / credits / PO to book-in replacements is perfect.  No other system comes close and returns are the bane of any direct marketer.
  1. The Accounts & Sales Summary functions allow Owners / Directors to see exactly what is happening in their business and drill down into the details as required in real-time.
  1. Khaos’ Promotions area allows far greater control and management of special offers, key codes, vouchers, bogofs and price lists.
  1. The time saved not having to key in purchase invoices is an immense saving as Khaos creates the PI’s when you book the stock in. The accounts dept. just need to check the invoice and add the supplier inv. number.  This represents a huge saving in terms of man power.

About Breckland Scientific Supplies

Breckland are a family-owned business, based in the UK, where the family members are actively involved in running the business on a day to day basis.  Together with their hand-picked team they total more than 200 years’ experience in the supply of laboratory equipment and chemicals. Breckland Scientific are focused on supplying and supporting the secondary education science market in the UK.  They have been manufacturing chemicals for over 20 years and, wherever possible, their chemicals are sourced in the UK or the EU.

In addition to carrying more than 1000 chemicals, Breckland Scientific have selected over 4000 different pieces of popular equipment and apparatus, which they market through their website and catalogue.



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