As James Cash Penney said, “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”
And for Khaos Control this has never been more accurate.
Growing a company sustainably is never easy and keeping your employees ‘in the loop’ is key to success. One of the ways in which we strive to ensure that everyone is on the same page is via our experienced and excellent training team. When they’re not busy bringing new customers up to speed on our ERP solution, they are on hand to ensure that essential business and product knowledge is spread right throughout the organisation.
Growth through Knowledge underpins everything we do internally, both when ‘on-boarding’ new starters and in developing the knowledge and skills of everyone in the team.

Why We Never Stop Learning

growth through knowledge
I was lucky enough to get the chance to chat about this with Lindy Lodge, our Training Manager. As you can imagine, Lindy is a great advocate of colleagues constantly looking to improve their knowledge: “When you train people they become empowered, it helps them grow.
“Everyday everyone should learn something new because that helps you improve.”
This ethos is something that is exemplified on a regular basis, with every new starter receiving extensive implementation training into how Khaos Control works.
Lindy explained: “It’s important for everyone to receive the same training as that means if anyone picks up the phone to a customer, they can help. Also, everyone needs to be able to know our software in order to feel confident in their job role. This in turn benefits our customers as our team know exactly what they’re doing and how to deal with it.”
But it doesn’t stop there. Internal training is carried out every month, often based on recent customer enquiries and scenarios. These interactive and informal sessions work really well and help to keep the entire company performing at a consistently high level.
As Lindy highlights: “The company continues to grow, which means that we have to deliver more training and at a higher level of complexity. It also means that when we deliver it you get a real mix of people and their knowledge, even colleagues with a lot of experience are still learning.
“We need to ensure that everyone benefits from the training sessions that we run. The end goal is always to ensure that our customer service is even better, because if you have the knowledge you will be more confident. And you won’t just be good at your job, you’ll be outstanding.”

We Test Our Theories

growth through knowledge
To help keep everyone on top of their game, the training team carry out monthly assessments. These allow everyone in the business to keep track of their progression and allows us, as a company, to build and maintain a skills matrix of our staff as Lindy explains:
“We do this to identify areas in which can improve on so that when a query comes in there will be no hesitation and the customer’s experience will be excellent.”
Tracking the progression of each person in the company also allows us, as an orgnisation, to properly recognise high achievers. The award for Most Improved Khaos Control Knowledge in 2016 has gone to David Jones, in our Support Team. Still in his first year with the company, David has turned himself into a fount of product knowledge and is a vital member of our Customer Services Team.
As Lindy says:
“Rewarding people for progress spurs them on. Rewarding those people that have made a consistent and significant improvement that we think is really important.
“Positive reinforcement rubs off on everyone and spreads positive energy. We know that if people are happy they will improve and help others – it benefits the entire company and our customer-base.”
growth through knowledge
It’s not just internal training that our colleagues benefit from, external training for MSDE and ISEB qualifications can add real value to us as a company and, in turn, to our customers’ experience. Raj in our Testing Team is an excellent example of this. He is currently working through his ISEB Testing qualifications and is putting the knowledge and skills he learns into practice on a daily basis.

Values are at the Heart of Everything We Do

growth through knowledge
Aside from the practicalities of training, we also work hard to guarantee that the eleven core values of the business are instilled within each employee. These values include Excellence, Positive Mental Attitude, Delivering Results and Efficiency. Keeping our values at the core of what we do on a daily basis helps to ensure we all ‘stay on target’ towards the same vision and continue to be one big happy Khaos Family.

Get in Touch

Lindy and the rest of our Training Team work with everyone from brand new Khaos Control Customers, through to long-standing members of our user community. From new employees through to Khaos Control Veterans. We like to think that our growth through knowledge message is relevant to everyone. If you would like more information on how they we can help you to control your business’ Chaos (sic), please contact us today.