The eCommerce and Point of Sale solution that is so easy to deploy that you don’t need a developer, right?

A decade and 370,000+ companies down the line, Shopify have built a thriving eco-system for their customers. It’s a world that relies on web developers and other third parties creating, developing and supporting apps, plug-ins, themes and the other tools and devices that retailers need in order to plug their Shopify solutions into their businesses.

I’ve built my app, what next?

Once you’ve built a storefront for a customer or have companies live on your app, what do you do next?

Shopify’s partner programme is an excellent resource when it comes to suggestions on what to build next and how to make the most of your ideas. Get five clients live on your app and you can apply to become a Shopify Expert, which will take you onto another level. Other than marketing yourself in Shopify’s app store and via your own efforts, what else can you do?

Provide value.

How can I help my customers?

Your customers are running at a hundred miles an hour trying to grow their businesses. When they’re pushing that hard they don’t have time to research and review new tools and opportunities that could actually help their businesses grow even more quickly. Instead they’re chasing up suppliers, placating customers and making sure that they’ve ticked everything off their to do list that was marked URGENT.

You can help them out. You know what your customers’ pain points and bottlenecks are. You know what’s stopping them from growing.

Go out and find applications, companies and people that you can work with and that you think can help. Try out their products and services. See if they can walk the walk. Find out how open they are to working with partners – they should have a partner programme that can make your relationship mutually beneficial.

Once you’ve found applications that you know add value and can help your customers, pass the knowledge on. Reinforce your position as an expert and trusted advisor with your customers.

How can our Shopify Web Developer Partner Programme Help?

We’ve been building, deploying and supporting ERP applications here in the UK since 2000. In 2016 we launched our ERP on the Go, the world’s first fully responsive, browser-based ERP for online retailers. Our Shopify integration brings automation and other big business tools to indepenent and SME retailers. There are no initial costs and no need to worry about putting a complex IT infrastructure in place.

Have internet connection, will do business.

It’s the same philosophy as you and your Shopify customers have.

Plugging a Cloud ERP solution into Shopify Stores is transformational. Retailers go from having control over their Shopify store to having control over their entire business.

From getting goods out of the door quickly, efficiently and accurately through to understanding margins down to the decimal place as soon as an order is taken.

From integrated CRM that ensures your customers build brilliant relationships with their customers to built-in purchasing and reordering. Our ERP on the Go is the complete business management business and put your customers in the driving seat, anywhere with internet access.

The End Result

Integrated solutions allow online retailers to grow even more rapidly.

Robust and scalable Cloud ERP that is plugged into their Shopify websites means that your customers are less likely to outgrow their eCommerce platform and look around for another solution.

By introducing key applications and partners to your customers, you further improve your relationship with them, improving customer retention further.

Oh, and we saved the best until last, the Partner Programme we mentioned earlier means that you stand to gain further. You can earn up to 40% commission on everything the companies you refer to us spend during their first year of using Khaos Control Cloud.

Its a Win Win Win Win.

If you’d like to know more about our Shopify Web Developer Partner Programme, contact us today.

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Please Note: This article was edited on 21/02/2018 to reflect Khaos Control Cloud’s updated process re: trials.