Giving you a choice

Our courier management solution integrates with all major couriers. (depending on version). If you don’t operate with one of these, then our 3rd party API has you covered. It opens the doors to all couriers, so you can send your customer data straight to whichever courier you like. The API enables automatic sharing of shipping data with your chosen courier, which allows the associated labels to be printed, and converted sales order information to be processed and sent back for analysing.

giving you courier choices khaos control courier management software
integration setup for your couriers khaos control courier management software

Full integration

Our more advanced options allow for a full integration setup where the shipping manifest is automatically despatched to your chosen courier and the courier’s consignment labels are printed locally, ready to prepare your shipment for collection. Whichever options you choose, our courier management software can be configured to despatch orders easily throughout the UK and the rest of the world.