Helping customers through COVID-19


Assistance with your annual renewal cost

To help Khaos Control customers with their annual renewal charge during the current depressed market, we’re offering the opportunity to temporarily furlough user licenses for up to one year. This means reducing your renewal cost per user licence furloughed.

We have waived the initial charge for furloughed licenses which are required at a later stage when the economy inevitably recovers, saving money on your annual invoice while staffing levels are temporarily reduced.

To find out if you’re eligible, please contact our accounts team.

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Free access to Khaos Control Cloud

We’re aware of the incredible diffculties our customers are currently facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Particularly the strains and measures being taken to keep business running as normal, in remote and disparate locations.

As a result we are offering free Khaos Control Cloud licences for the duration of the crisis. Khaos Control Cloud is browser based and will interact with your Khaos Control database making it easier to work remotely on your business without the need for VPNs and Remote Desktop connections.

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Khaos Control Hybrid Suite

Work remotely with Khaos Control Cloud, part of the Khaos Control Hybrid suite

Areas in which we think your business could benefit from using Khaos Control Cloud are:

  • Sales Order entry
  • CRM
  • Purchasing
  • Returns
  • Accounting function
  • Reports

Khaos Control Cloud is browser based and can run on any device, including Macs, phones and tablets.

Implementation steps

All customers will be required to book in time for a short consult – this is to ensure the switch is one worth pursuing for your business requirements.

Solutions Consultant

1. Contact our support team for initial qualification.

Implementation Advisor

2. Based on your suitability, we will enable and deploy Khaos Control Hybrid for you.

Solutions Consultant

3. Based on your requirements, book a remote Training Package.

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Want to know more about Khaos Control Hybrid?

When it comes to Hybrid, you’re combining both on-premise and cloud-based access to Khaos Control, plus you can optionally add Khaos Control Web into the mix for the ultimate ecommerce experience. Khaos Control Hybrid is a one-database solution – no data sync’ing required and perfect synergy across your whole business.


The best of both

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On-premise software

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Web platform designed by Khaos Control


Cloud-based software

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We’re here to help

Whether you’re interested in making the switch, or still require more detail on Khaos Control Hybrid, please book in some time with one of the team. There are no strings attached, and we’re only here to make sure our customers have the best chance of prospering through these testing times.