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Shop, website, phone, show – however they interact with you, always retain a single record per customer

Capturing customer data is vital to providing a true omnichannel experience to your customers and Khaos Control allows you to do this seamlessly across all of your channels. New customers are automatically added to the Khaos Control database at the initial point of contact, be that online, over the phone or in person. Whilst existing customers' interactions are all recorded against their existing customer records. This ensures that you have a central repository of data for each customer which will allow you to provide tailored and individual experiences, whilst also providing you with the ability to analyse and put that data to work in order to grow your business.


Put customer communication at the heart of your business

Khaos Control’s Communication Log allows you to keep track of every interaction you have with a customer, tracking phone calls and emails and allowing you to flag follow-up actions and due dates. The Communication Log also allows you to store any files relevant to the customer; from a contract to a video, simply by dragging and dropping. Whilst data is stored per customer, a central interface provides your Customer Services team with a system-wide overview and allows them to schedule and prioritise their regular CRM activities. This ensures that workload can be shared and that your business does not miss out on sales opportunities.


Not just a number – manage customers down to their addresses and individual contacts

Being able to classify and configure your customers appropriately is key to being able to process customer orders efficiently whilst still meeting expectations. Particularly when your business has a mix of customer types, for example; Trade (B2B) and Retail (B2C). Being able to record, apply and update common core values and preferences for a whole class of customers provides you with the ability to offer consistent levels of service, whilst providing you with control. Khaos Control also enables you to record those same core values and preferences per customer, so that if you need to differentiate in individual cases, you can. In addition to defining how you want a customer to be handled by default within Khaos Control, you also have complete control over each customers' addresses and contacts, which ensures that communication and fulfilment is always smooth and appropriate.


Reward loyalty

Khaos Control's customer order management software allows you to view a detailed picture of your customers’ interactions with you. This, in turn, allows you to tailor offers and promotions based on your customers' purchasing history and habits. In addition to rewarding customers for their loyalty via special pricing, Khaos Control also provides you with the ability to run a loyalty scheme that rewards your customers every time they shop with you.


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