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17 Feb 2017

Drop Shipping Webinar – Why You Should Sign Up

Drop Shipping webinar

Drop shipping entails eCommerce businesses referring orders directly to their suppliers, who ship them on their behalf. And while it has existed for a long time with respect to bulky items, cutting out another step in their difficult and expensive transportation, it has only recently exploded with the rise of eCommerce.

Shoppers are increasingly demanding fast delivery allowed by drop shipping, and for those embarking on an eCommerce career, it almost eliminates inventory risk. Large quantities of stock, that may or may not be sold, don’t have to be bought and stored. Businesses can be nimble trying new products, seeing what works before they buy it in bulk.

It’s clear – drop shipping is a powerful component of modern order fulfilment.

We are delighted to be covering Khaos Control’s drop shipping functionality in an upcoming webinar at 11am on Wednesday, 22nd February.

In it, we’ll cover:

  • Configuring your system and products for Drop Shipping
  • A range of scenarios, including:
    • Drop ship items only (without auto create BO/PO)
    • Drop ship and non-drop ship items (with auto create BO/PO)
    • Drop ship items from different suppliers, with auto book-in
    • Drop shipping items, only when they’re out of stock
  • Invoice Rules and how they can impact the way you process drop ship orders
  • Creation of drop ship sales reports

And much more besides.

Can’t make the webinar itself?

Sign up anyway and you’ll be sent a recording of the session the day after, along with our notes for the session.

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