Responsive Design

Modern websites have to be fully responsive, ensuring that your they retain its design integrity and usability whether your customer is interacting with you via a phone, tablet or computer. Like any solution it is conscious of a smartphone savvy, mobile friendly, multiple device proficient and search-centric user audience. The speed, look and feel, and ease of navigation of of any eCommerce solution is our number one priority.


Your eCommerce website, designed, built and maintained for you

All of our Complete eCommerce websites benefit from the same powerful engine at their core, however, each solution we deliver is tailored to the customer’s individual needs. This means that you get an adaptable website, built specifically to your requirements.


Completely integrated with Khaos Control, our cutting edge ERP system

The complete eCommerce solution offers something different in a market saturated with identical offers, as it is delivered with our cutting edge back office system, Khaos Control. This means that complete commerce websites can go that extra mile with regards to meeting your customers’ expectations and can make them feel like an integral part of your business.


Powerful, yet easy to use Content Management System

Content is king so our complete eCommerce solution has a state of the art CMS which ensures that you are able to maintain and create content that will make you stand out from the crowd. Direct integration with Khaos Control also ensures that your website can fully utilise the product data in your ERP system.

Additional Features

On the web, perception is everything; statistics show that within five seconds of arriving at your eCommerce website a user will build up a perception of your company – new visitors instantly make assumptions about the quality of not only your products but also your services before even reading a single word on the page! The assumptions made in these first five seconds can determine whether or not a potential customer progresses further through your website. Any eCommerce solution needs to hold that at the heart of its offering.

In an online environment where the competition is famously ‘one click away’; where customers will punish you via social media for poor experiences; where customers have access to near perfect information and huge choice, where attention spans are perilously short and expectations Amazon-high it is absolutely necessary to ensure that your eCommerce website responds to your customer’s needs and delivers on your promises.

Complete eCommerce Delivers

These days an eCommerce engine needs to offer more – the customer expects more. They want their order history to be available, yes, but they also want their live statement, their backorders, live stock levels, their special prices and to need to feel welcome, important & like an integral part of your business.
Complete eCommerce provides you with the optimum platform to sell your products online through seamlessly integrating with Khaos Control, our powerful back-office management system.

  • We design, build and maintain your eCommerce website to your specifications
  • We integrate your site with Khaos Control, our cutting edge back office system
  • We deliver one of the most powerful Content Management Systems on offer today
  • We train and support you every step of the way

One of the main reasons our complete eCommerce solution has been so successful is its level of adaptability. Because every solution is bespoke (albeit based on the same core engine), it can be tailored to meet the needs of your business – this means you get an adaptable website, built specifically to your requirements with a back office system powerful enough to cope and grow alongside your business.


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