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10 Sep 2016

Enhancements to our Order Processing Software and how they will help retailers


In any business processing customer orders is as important as acquiring the customer itself. Order processing is an important link in any sales process and doing it right ensures that you are one step ahead of the competition in generating new business and also strengthening existing client relationships.

Whether it’s taking an order online, over the phone, at a show or keying in a traditional mail order, our order processing software allows your users to process orders quickly and efficiently. Users have immediate access to the latest stock levels across all of your sites and current promotions and offers are applied automatically. Khaos Control is sales order processing software.

Continuing with the trend of reporting functionality enhancements, this blog explains the latest changes to Khaos Control’s Sales Order Processing functionality.

Company Class Filter now Supports NOT Functionality

order processing software notThe NOT filter option features in quite a few areas of Khaos Control, the latest being in the Sales Order List screen.

The Company Class traffic light filter now has an additional state to its current green and red. The third state of this traffic light filter is black which indicates NOT. This can be extremely useful in times where you wish to include into your search criteria all sales orders that are NOT of a certain company class. For example, you may wish to search for all sales orders generated last month, by sales source ‘Amazon UK’ and whose customers are NOT part of the company class ‘Retail’.

Associated Reference added to Sales Order Audit

order processing software Ass_RefWhen a Sales Order is generated in Khaos Control by integrated sales portals such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Websites the order is imported with an associated reference. With these types of sales portal integrations becoming more and more popular as a feature of Khaos Control we have now enhanced the Sales Order Audit dialog to enable users to filter / search by this reference number in addition to it’s being returned within the audit grid. Previously the user would have to find the relevant sales order number before performing an audit so this improvement makes finding what you want easier and quicker.

Default ‘Enter Quantity’ to be on in Quick Stock Entry

order processing software Quick_StockQuick stock entry is a great feature of Khaos Control. As the name suggests this feature allows the user to quickly enter stock items into various areas of Khaos Control by using just the stock code or if you have a customer who orders a lot of stock by stock code via email you can simply copy and paste into the sales order screen using the quick stock entry feature.

Regular users of this feature will know that by default the quick stock entry dialog does not have the ‘Enter Quantity’ checkbox ticked, meaning that each time you use it you must remember to tick the box in order to enter a quantity per stock code. Ticking one box may not seem much of a hardship but when you are entering hundreds of orders a day that one click becomes a pain to remember.

For this reason we have created a setup option to control the state of the checkbox allowing admin users to choose whether the ‘Enter Quantity’ checkbox is ticked by default or not.

Enforce Branding in your Order Processing Software

order processing software BrandKhaos Control’s Branding is used where a business trades under more than one business name, for example where a company sells from two different websites. Branding allows for customer facing documentation to display the correct logo and company details.

It is possible to configure Khaos Control to enforce Branding requirement for all sales orders and with this enhancement to the enforcement feature, a brand will be required of all types of sales order document, including; Sales Orders, Proformas, Quotations, Credit Notes and Returns.

This ensures that where a Khaos Control company is operating multiple brands, that it is not possible for users to avoid setting the appropriate brand on a sales order document.

Default Brand on Manually Created Returns

order processing software brandingWhen creating a customer return in Khaos Control from the original sales order all of the relevant details are copied through onto the return. However, if a customer return is created manually the user must remember to also manually set relevant details, such as Brand. This change has been implemented to automatically populate Brand detail of a manually created customer return by detecting which brand should be associated to the customer.

Courier Banding Value Range Net or Gross

order processing software courierThe courier banding table in Khaos Control allows you to setup which couriers should automatically be assigned to sales orders. The courier banding value range can now be configured to be assessed against either the Gross or Net sales order total per courier band. This allows companies that are trading with both trade and retail customers to differentiate their automatic courier assessment as required.

Include Working Days in Invoice Priority Delivery Date Adjustment

order processing software inv_priorityInvoice Priorities are a method of highlighting sales orders in the Sales Invoice Manager grid. They are applied to a sales order either manually or automatically via user defined rules. One common use of Invoice Priorities is to quickly identify sales orders which require next day delivery. This assignment will allow the user to filter for only sales orders that are flagged as next day delivery and process them through the pick, pack and despatch as a priority before then moving onto your other orders.

As well as setting a visual property to the sales order when applying an Invoice Priority it is also possible to adjust the delivery date, either negatively to account for quicker delivery or positively to account for items requiring customisation before being delivered. Khaos Control’s Invoice Priority functionality has been extended to now include Working Days support within the Delivery Date Adjustment option. This ensures that when using Invoice Priorities to adjust the delivery date for an order automatically, Khaos Control will take the Working Days that are defined into account.

Default Invoice and Delivery Address for Scheduled Shipments

order processing software AddressThere has recently been an improvement to the way that the invoice and delivery addresses are handled for Scheduled Shipment sales orders. Previously the addresses were pulled from the default details held against a customer record. With this update in functionality the invoice and delivery addresses are pulled from the Scheduled Shipment’s source sales order.

This ensures that where there are multiple Scheduled Shipments configured against the same company in Khaos Control, different invoice and / or delivery addresses can be defined – if required.

Go To Return… Supports Multiple Returns per Sales Order

order processing software ReturnThe customer returns functionality of Khaos Control has been designed to accommodate a number of different scenarios that may arise. For example, the customer may wish to request a simple like for like exchange or there may be times where the customer wishes to return an item in exchange for a more / less expensive item, which will involve either taking further payment or a refund.

Whichever the scenario Khaos Control tracks and links the return to the original sales order. The latest improvement to the returns process comes into effect when a user selects the ‘Go To Return…’ option from the context menu of a sales order where there are multiple returns associated with the same sales order. Where this is the case, Khaos Control now displays a dialog that lists all of the relevant Return Documents and the user can then select the appropriate one to load.

Order Cancellation Controls Added

order processing software CancelSOIt’s not uncommon for a customer to inform you that they have decided to cancel their order with you. Khaos Control supports this in the way of sales order cancellation, as opposed to just deleting the sales order. This provides a level of reporting which can be useful. On top of this support Khaos Control has been enhanced to introduce controls over when a sales order can be marked as cancelled. Khaos Control will now only allow sales orders to be cancelled when their current invoice is in a stage which is flagged as ‘Allow Edit’ in the ‘Invoice Process Path’.

Delivery Rate Hints

order processing software del_ratesUnderstanding Delivery Rate calculations is often vital when creating and / or editing sales orders. Unless the user has been involved in configuring and maintaining the Courier Bands and Delivery Rates themselves, the final calculated amount can appear to be rather opaque.

Pop-up hint functionality has been implemented which allows users to quickly and easily understand how Khaos Control has calculated the Delivery Rate and the Courier for a sales order. All users have to do to view this information is to hover over the relevant fields in the Sales Order > Detail screen and a hint will pop-up explaining how Khaos Control has calculated the Delivery Rate / Courier for the order.

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