Will Khaos Control deliver me a return on my investment?

Khaos Control will save your business time by automating key tasks, by controlling procedures, by keeping existing customers better informed and well treated, by helping recruit new customers, by allowing the reallocation of resource and the scalable growth of your business. In addition, by allowing any of your core specific requirements to be customised into your own version of the application, you are able to increase ROI even further.

What platforms does Khaos Control run on?

The front end application runs in Windows. The back-end database is MS-SQL server. You can install locally on your office LAN or host the whole thing "in the cloud". We can provide hosting for you if you wish or you can arrange your own hosting.

Can we use Khaos Control without training?

Khaos Control is a sophisticated ERP system and as such training is required so that you can get the most from your investment. Don’t worry though it’s all part of the comprehensive package of services that are delivered when we implement Khaos Control with you.

How will Khaos Control help our CRM activities?

Khaos Control will auto-email your customers based on sales order status (and even purchase order status changes – to inform of delays in supplier shipments). There is a full communication log in Khaos Control, a prospect management engine complete will Leads, Opportunities and Cases. Quotes can be created and tracked and pipeline forecasting is possible. Khaos Control is able to generate ad-hoc emails, email invoice and statement reports. It is also possible to create custom reports and letters.

What is Khaos Control's key strength?

It has many, but core to its success with customers is the CONTROL element that it introduced into their businesses. The sales invoice manager, which is responsible for controlling the pick, pack and despatch of orders, can be automated with a series of rules that make the workflow of orders through the system as close to effortless as it is possible to get.

Does Khaos Control work with Ecommerce products?

We already integrate with many quality web development companies based in the UK and around the world. Magento integration is also an option via our own plug-in developed in house. We also have our own quality eCommerce product called Complete Commerce, which offers another level of functionality and integration.

Is Khaos Control cloud based and what infrastructure might I need?

The term “cloud based” means many things to many people, depending on who you ask and what the context is. Khaos Control can be considered a cloud based solution because you can run it on a remote server, which is either under your control or controlled by us. Either way, you don't have any server costs as a capital expenditure, but instead lease on the server on a monthly contract. It is assumed that your IT resource cost may be reduced too. Using this model, you are able to take advantage of virtualisation to scale processing power as you need it, which is a core concept of cloud computing. However, if you'd prefer to host Khaos Control on a server that you own and control, one installed on your own local network, then that also works.

How can I be confident that I'm making the right choice?

We would suggest that you use a service such as Company Check to check our (and our competitors') financial status. Although if you do then please make sure to find 'Khaos Control Solutions', number 03960914, and not 'Khaos Control'. Have a look at our customer list and case studies and feel free to contact them about our services and quality of software. Ask us for a free demo and see for yourself the superior value that Khaos Control delivers. Khaos Control is being used by 200+ businesses in the UK and we have one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.

Is Khaos Control multi...?

  • Multi-channel - sell on market places such as Amazon and Ebay, take orders from the web, mail-order or via retail outlets.
  • Multi-currency - Khaos Control has its own integrated accounts system, making it possible to create sales and purchase orders in any currency for posting into the system's sales and purchase ledger for debt chasing and analysis.
  • Multi-location – Khaos Control's stock control system allows for multiple sites, warehouses and locations to be specified.
  • Multi-company – We can configure Khaos Control to share databases, each of which may contain the data from a separate company or legal entity, where separate accounts are required.
  • Multi-client – Ideal for keeping stock, customers and orders separate, in the same database, for multiple clients. This is typically used when a customer may have multiple clients that they are offering fulfilment services to.
  • Multi-price list – Allows you to offer special prices of specific products or groups of products to specific customers or groups of customers. Typical examples are separate prices for retail and trade customers, or creating a price list for reduced price, clearance product lines.