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23 Jun 2015

Getting the most out of Khaos Control’s automated multi channel integration



As existing customers will already know, Khaos Control offers extensive multi channel integration functionality, which allows you to fully manage your Amazon and Ebay listings direct from Khaos Control. The functions available include;

  • creating the listing from scratch based on the stock item within Khaos Control
  • updating the listing details once it is live on the channel
  • removing a listing once it is no longer required.

In this article we will focus on automating your standard processes.

Multi Channel Integration Elements You Should Consider Automating

Once your channel has been setup and configured within Khaos Control, you will be able to automate your processes so that they run automatically, 24/7. Our industry-leading Support Team are on hand throughout the working day to help you define your automation initially. The following key tasks can be configured:

  1. Import orders – This will import all new and amended orders from your channel. Once the import has finished, all of the relevant sales orders will be created in Khaos Control. The task will then mark the last import date / time, to allow the next import to run in sequence. This ensures that Khaos Control does not overload your Channels with superfluous requests for data.
  2. Upload shipping notifications – This function allows Khaos Control to upload the shipping confirmations (including any consignment numbers) for all channel orders to your specified channel. This works particularly well when combined with one of Khaos Control’s many courier integrations, as it enables you to pass your tracking and other data direct from the courier to the channel so that it is available to the customer. This removes the time-consuming chore of manually marking orders as shipped on Ebay or Amazon, freeing up more time for you to work on your business.
  3. Check availability – This function will update the stock level and the price for any listings which have changed within Khaos Control’s listing manager. For example, when you sell 10 items of your stock via a method other than your channel, Khaos Control will update the channel to ensure that you don’t oversell your product.

As previously mentioned, all of the above functions can be configured to run on a schedule which is appropriate to your business’ processes and needs. They can be enabled and disabled as required and will provide greater efficiency and control when managing your channel listings.

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