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22 Sep 2016

Gravity Fields 2016 Has Arrived

Gravity Fields 2016

Every two years in September, something scientific happens in Grantham.

To celebrate the town’s most prolific son there is a festival of science held in the honour of Sir Isaac Newton – Gravity Fields.

This year holds even greater significance than normal, as it is 350 years since Newton’s ‘Annus Mirabilis’ (Year of Wonder).  He forged ahead, developing new ideas and theories on mathematics, light, and most famously gravitational forces.  Sir Isaac was able to make these advancements after returning home to Woolsthorpe Manor, just out side Grantham from the plague-ravaged Cambridge of 1666.

During the festival this year there is a thrilling selection of events to look forward to; from family friendly shows and aerial theatre, to a marvellous weekend of open air performances, to science talks for all ages!

We’re really looking forward to the following:

  • Punk Science – Barmy, award winning comedians from The Science Museum deliver a brilliant combination of science and comedy. 22/09/16 @ 21:30
  • Scientific Glass Blowing – Running twice a day on Friday and Saturday, Stephen Ramsey from Imperial College London will give an interactive demonstration of scientific and artistic glass blowing. 23/09/16 to 24/09/16
  • The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who – Dr Marek Kukula and Simon Guerrier show how Doctor Who uses science within its storytelling. 23/09/16 @ 19:30
  • Bright Club – Academics finding their funny bones doesn’t sound like the best night out on paper, but we’re given to believe that this will be great comedy night, that covers everything from microbiology to ancient history. 23/09/16 @ 21:00
  • What we Cannot Know – Marcus Du Sautoy strikes out on a thought-provoking expedition to the highest reaches of the scientific plane. Is it possible that we will, one day, know everything? Or will there always be new ideas and concepts that lie beyond the bounds of our comprehension? And if the latter is true, how do we cope? 24/09/16 @ 11:00
  • Ingenious Night Out – The Gala Night for Gravity Fields will see a Street Fayre, Live music, Magicians, Jugglers (no word on whether or not they will be crusty), Cique Bijou, LED Umbrellas, Fireworks and much, much more for all the family. 24/09/16 @ 19:00
  • Periodic Table of Videos – Learn the story behind this monstrously successful YouTube channel and see live demonstrations of some of the team’s most famous chemical reactions
  • The Unparalled Adventure of One Hans Pfaal – Our final pick for Gravity Fields 2016 is this sci-fi adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s novel, where the eponymous hero attempts to fly to the moon by way of a giant gas balloon.

Anti Grav Box sponsored by Khaos Control

If you head to the Guildhall’s Abbey Gardens during the Gravity Fields Festival you’ll see the Anti Grav Box, the exhibit that we’re proudly sponsoring this year! Ben from our training team joined our ace developers Raj and Michal in a gravity defying sneak peak of the Anti Grav Box…

Khaos Controlled in the Anti Grav Box

Frankie, our Community Manager, caught up with the Anti Grav Box’s designer, Georgina Weller…

The Anti Grav Box will be open throughout the Gravity Fields Festival from the 21st to the 25th of September from 10:00am to 8:00pm. If you want to see what the other spectacular exhibits, shows and performances during the festival follow the link below;

Gravity Fields 2016

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