How HHTs Can Benefit Your Business

inventory management solutionsWhen using Khaos Control’s built-in Warehouse Management System (WMS), companies can benefit from deploying our Hand Held Terminal (HHT) solution alongside it. Whilst there are many inventory management solutions on the market, our browser-based HHT application provides you with an edge over other solutions for the following reasons:

  • Seamlessly integrated into your Khaos Control ERP system, our HHT solution means that you can benefit immediately from your location and stock level data, without any need for integrating with a third party and the complexity and time-costs that this introduces.
  • Allows you to streamline your key warehouse operations.
  • Provides increased control and accuracy, reducing mis-picks and stock errors.
  • Easy to use interface reduces training burden when taking on new / temporary staff and increases output.
  • Track and report on individual personnel’s picking productivity.
  • Due to the flexibility of its deployment, the HHT solution is hardware independent and allows companies to roll out the hardware solution that’s most appropriate to their business.
Hand Held Terminals

Key Functions

Khaos Control's HHT solution provides your warehouse operatives with all of the key features required in order to perform the following functions:

  • Pick, Pack & Despatch
  • Book Goods In
  • Quick Scan for Product Barcodes
  • Move Stock between Locations
  • Adjust Stock Levels
  • Build Items into Finished Product
Hand Held Terminals

Picking - The Batch Picking Report

The batch picking report, generated in Khaos Control, contains a bar code for scanning into the HHT (as shown below). The batch picking report could be used to detail one order or a batch of many orders.

Hand Held Terminals

Picking - Scan The Order

To the wireless hand held device now...

Scan the paperwork bar code, and that order (or orders, if they are batched) are made immediately available on the HHT. The device will direct the picker to the next nearest location.

Hand Held Terminals

Picking - Scan The Location And Product

Once the picker arrives at a location they can scan the location's bar code and the product's bar code to confirm the correct pick.

Hand Held Terminals

Picking - confirm the quantity picked

The quantity defaults to the required amount, but if the picker was unable to pick enough from this location, then he will be able to inform the system as this point. He is also able to override the suggested location if stock is in multiple locations.

Each product on the order (or in the batch) is processed in the same way until the pick is complete. Khaos Control is then updated with picking information against the orders and KPI data on warehouse operatives performance (number of picks completed, etc) is recorded for future analysis and monitoring.

Hand Held Terminals

Goods In - the purchase order report

The purchase order report can be printed from Khaos Control when a delivery is made. The HHTs can then be used to book that purchase order into stock.

Hand Held Terminals

Goods In - scan the purchase order

Back to the wireless hand held device now...

Scan the purchase order header's bar code, so that the device knows which delivery is being put-away.

Hand Held Terminals

Goods In - scan the product

Scan the product's bar code from the purchase order (or physical product) and the hand held device will tell the user where that item should be put-away. Alternatively product scanning is not required - the user is simply informed as to where products from that purchase order should be put, in location order, assuming that all items are being put-away.

Hand Held Terminals

Goods In - scan the location

When the warehouse operative reaches the location, he scans it to confirm that he is putting the product here. At this point the location can be overridden if the system's suggested location is no longer applicable.