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02 Feb 2016

Hidden Gems – Grouping in Grids


As users of Khaos Control will know, one of the key ingredients to the solution’s power and scalability is the use of grids. Grids allow users to view, interact with and use data quickly and efficiently, whilst also providing the detail and granularity that business owners and entrepreneurs require when growing a multichannel business.

This month’s Hidden Gem highlights a key grid function that can completely transform the way in which data is displayed and used in Khaos Control:

By grouping data in a grid, you are able to quickly and accurately analyse totals and averages for any numeric column in the grid, by group. For example, trying to quickly analyse what a major trade customer is doing on average, or analysing a specific stock item, or type, when reordering or analysing past performance.

Click through to the Khaos Wiki for more information on how Grouping in Grids works and to learn about where best to use this feature in Khaos Control.

If your Khaos Control knowledge could do with some brushing up and / or you have new members of staff in the team who would benefit from some time with our training team, please contact us today and we’ll do our best to help.

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