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24 Feb 2016

Hidden Gems – Quick Stock Entry


Efficiency. It’s the holy grail of back office software and critical in an ERP system. Making processes more efficient and / or streamlined allows our customers to focus on delivering great service, sourcing and / or manufacturing awesome products and being able to grow their businesses.

Being able to enter orders efficiently and quickly is a key benefit that Khaos Control delivers for our customers. Whilst we help our customers maximise the benefits of automating their order entry processes from their eCommerce websites, marketplaces and other channels, sometimes an order has to be keyed in manually and Khaos Control makes it as quick and easy as possible.

Our latest Hidden Gem focuses on one element of the Order Entry process which can provide real time-savings when keying an order manually; Quick Stock Entry.

Completely keyboard-focused, the Quick Stock Entry tool enables users and / or businesses that know the stock codes they’re ordering to generate orders even more quickly. The feature is so useful, that it is also available in other areas of the system where users may need to enter stock codes to a document, for example; Purchase Orders, Delivery Notes and Consignments.

Click through to the Khaos Wiki for more information on how Quick Stock Entry works and to learn about how to use this feature in Khaos Control.

If your Khaos Control knowledge could do with some brushing up and / or you have new members of staff in the team who would benefit from some time with our training team, please contact us today and we’ll do our best to help.

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