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14 Dec 2016

Holiday Business Reading 2016 – Read and Be Powerful

Holiday Business Reading 2016

Knowledge is power. It’s a truism. And books remain an enduring source of knowledge, exposing readers to incredible new concepts and ideas that forever enrich patterns of thinking.

That’s as true for business and business books as it is for other genres. Books are windows into successful people’s minds, allowing you to peer in and understand their methods so their success can be yours. There is, after all, a limitless number of productivity-boosting tips, tricks and new technologies, that give you an edge over competitors. But it’s hard to think of them on your own. Books are a shortcut to understanding the world.

So, with stockings and time to be filled this Christmas, we’ve assembled a reading list of the most innovative and insightful books for your Holiday Business Reading 2016.

Knowledge is Power, Books are Knowledge, Read and Be Powerful

Image result for four hour work weekThe 4-Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss. Ferriss sailed close to self-destruction growing a sports nutrition company in the early 2000s. The 4-Hour Work Week is the story of how he pulled back from disaster, observing simple principles that cut 50% of his work in 48 hours, earned him 12 times more and, of course, ultimately work four hours a week!

Image result for zero to oneZero to One – Peter Thiel & Blake Masters. Thiel, a PayPal cofounder and early Facebook investor, lectured on business start-ups – going from ‘zero’, or nothing, to ‘one’ and something – and his worldview at Stanford University in 2012. This book arose from student Blake Masters’ lecture notes. It fizzes with ideas, such as the importance of secrets, grand plans and how monopolies aren’t necessarily bad.

Image result for poor charlie's almanackPoor Charlie’s Almanac – Charlie Munger. Munger is famous investor Warren Buffet’s business partner, and Poor Charlie’s Almanac is a collection of his speeches and talks. It’s an eclectic blend of wisdom, touching on everything from decision-making to psychology. It’ll expand your horizons.

Image result for the management mythThe Management Myth – Matthew Stewart. A sharp critique of management theory, Stewart discusses its history and how degrees, apparently irrelevant to business such as philosophy, can bring a real contribution to running a firm.

Image result for awaken the giant withinAwaken the Giant Within – Tony Robbins. Motivational speaker Robbins has advised all, from royalty to politicians and CEOs. Learn how to take control of your life and attain your goals in Awaken the Giant Within.,204,203,200_.jpgCustomer Persuasion – Chloë Thomas. We’re huge fans of Chloë Thomas’ eCommerce MasterPlan podcast and her books. Her latest, Customer Persuasion, provides a clear guide to attracting greater customer interest. You can read the first two chapters free on the book’s website.

Image result for hello my name is awesomeHello, My Name Is Awesome – Alexandra Watkins. The next entry on our Holiday Business Reading 2016 list explains how to stand out with effective branding amongst the six million businesses, and 100,000 products, launched annually.

Beyond the E-Myth – Michael E. Gerber. So, you’ve got that great idea for a new business in 2017, but are lost on making it a reality and growing it in its earliest stages. Luckily, Gerber’s excellent book is on hand as a helpful manual. And How They Succeed – Alistair Campbell. Tony Blair’s spin doctor has interviewed an impressive range of talented people, from politicians to entrepreneurs and sportsmen, plucking from all common ingredients necessary for success we can adopt in our own lives.

The Daily Stoic – Ryan Holiday & Stephen Hanselman. Containing 366 doses, one for every day of 2017, of stoic wisdom, this book maps out how to conquer grief, find joy and live overall a good life.

The Inevitable Kevin Kelly. 2017 is just around the corner, but in his latest book, founding editor of tech magazine Wired, Kevin Kelly, explores the world of 2046, forecasting the outcome of 12 inevitable trends. From ubiquitous screens, to the realities of total surveillance and massively powerful artificial intelligence, the picture Kelly paints of future is nothing short of astounding. Essential reading for entrepreneur planning ahead for the long haul.

Tools of Titans – Tim Ferriss. And we close our Holiday Business Reading 2016 list as we finish – with Ferriss’ latest! He’s had an incredible range of guests on his hit podcast, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, black market biochemists and special ops commanders, routinely asking after the secrets of their success. What books have they most gifted to others? What are their morning routines? What supplements do they take daily? Tools of Titans is the distillation of this relentless questioning.

Let us know how you get on if you pick up any of these this Christmas! Is what you’re reading currently not on the list? Drop us a line and tell us!

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