Integrate eBay into your business and GROW SUSTAINABLY

eBay has been helping entrepreneurs test new ideas and turn them into fully grown profitable brands since 1995. Fast forward to 2017 and online retailers make a point of trading on the site.

Implementing a Khaos Control Cloud eBay integration was a no-brainer, so we’ve ensused that our software provides a seamless solution for retailers that trade on this channel.

Gain full control over your stock
Fulfil every order effciently
Welcome automation to your business

How can this integration HELP YOUR BUSINESS?

We've worked with eBay since 2006, and know how important it is to incorporate our customers' day to day activities on the Marketplace into their back-office application.

Our online eBay integration distills more than a decade's experience and knowledge into our system, providing ambitious online retailers a toolkit that allows them to grow their eBay stores sustainably.

Manage your eBay ORDERS

eBay transactions are automatically pulled into Khaos Control Cloud 24/7/365. This means that:

  • You don't have to mess around with manual checks and downloads.
  • You don't waste money and time when manually re-processing orders introduces errors and delays.
  • No time lost waiting for the next manual check - the whole process is automated.

Manage your eBay PRODUCTS

Instant communication helps control your stock, as both eBay and Khaos Control Cloud are in line with one another with regards to what you are able to fulfil. Our integration means:

  • You don't oversell.
  • You don't waste time on unnecessary availability checking for eBay.
  • You deliver on the promises that have been made to your eBay customers.

Integrate your eBay DELIVERY

Fulfil your eBay invoices from a central tool in Khaos Control Cloud. This ensures:

  • That your eBay consumers get what they ordered, when they were promised it and in the condition that they were expecting.
  • Your shipping overheads are reduced by letting our Metapack integration do the heavy lifting for you.
  • You're able to convert your shoppers into brand evangelists as simply as possible with tracking references stored centrally that are visible to every marketplace and colleague.

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