EKM integration just MAKES SENSE

EKM, established in 2002, is a long running online storefront allowing you to sell and market your goods with a personalised shopfront.

With transparent pricing and over 15 years' experience powering online shops, they're the perfect integration with Khaos Control Cloud. Harness the power of one of the best online storefronts available on the market today, combined with a world-leading back office ERP system, to help you reach and surpass your business goals.

Automated order management
Seamless stock control
Efficient pick, pack, despatch

How can this integration HELP YOUR BUSINESS?

While our partnership is relatively recent with EKM, we already know the benefits will be far reaching.

As you grow, your online storefront and business will boom, and you will already have the infrastructure in place to allow you to sustainably grow without insurmountable problems becoming apparent.

Manage your EKM ORDERS

Every EKM order is pulled down and brought into your back office application. This ensures:

  • The end of hourly checks are completed in your EKM portal to see if there's anything to be done.
  • The removal of costly mistakes that arise from manually re-keying orders.
  • No manual checks and lost time waiting for people to confirm what you can and can't deliver, thanks to a completely automated process.

Manage your SKUs

Pulling down orders and firing up stock levels automatically impacts your inventory management, as both EKM and your back office match so that everyone knows what you can, and can't, sell. Our EKM automation ensures:

  • Stock levels are 100% accurate within EKM at all times.
  • You have more time to work on your business rather than in your storeroom or warehouse, looking for an item you swore blind you had.
  • The promise your customer bought into is delivered, every time.


Our invoice manager ensures that your EKM customers come first, allowing you to get it right first time.

  • Control expenditure and deliver an excellent level of service as a result of our integration to Metapack's delivery management software.
  • Engage your community quickly, consistently and easily with postage data and other key information available to every user, straight from the CRM.
  • Provide even more value by publishing courier data straight to EKM using Khaos Control Cloud.

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