Integrate Magento into your business and GROW SUSTAINABLY

Magento eCommerce has been helping users set up stores and sell goods since 2008.

A decade later, it has become one of the premier platforms for budding entrepreneurs to start their empires.

Faultless pick, pack and despatch
Effortless order management
Flawless stock control

How can this integration HELP YOUR BUSINESS?

The Magento 1 and 2 platforms come into their own for eCommerce businesses that handle both consumer and trade orders via their online store, by providing an open-source environment that can be customised and moulded to work with your business' processes and procedures.

Integrating Magento and Khaos Control Cloud will allow users to effectively manage their stock and accounts at a greater level, so you can spend more time growing your business, and less time putting out fires.

Manage your ORDERS

Being able to seamlessly manage the movement of your stock will streamline all your business processes. Our Magento integration means:

  • Instant syncronised order downloads between Magento eCommerce and Khaos Control Cloud.
  • Easy dispatching, with the ability to integrate orders with your favourite couriers quickly and easily.
  • The ability to link stock items to your selling channels to map your inventory effectively.

Manage your customer RELATIONSHIPS

Information on delivery, regular updates and two-way communication leads to happier customers. Repeat business will then lead to success for your enterprise. Our Magento integration means:

  • The ability to record where you have stored inventory within your business, for advanced inventory mapping.
  • Listing downloads at your fingertips, so you can set up a number of stock items and customers with ease.
  • Automatic listing updates between Magento eCommerce and our solution.

Manage your ACCOUNTS

Tracking your progress, from monthly sales to overheads, is essential in maintaining a healthy business. Our integration with Magento 1 and 2 allows you to easily track all your finances and accounts. Our integration means:

  • Immediate and dynamic price change updates.
  • Multiple payment methods for your customers.
  • A plethora of shipping methods.
  • The ability to set tax levels for different types of products.

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