Integrate WooCommerce into your business and EXPAND SUSTAINABLY

WordPress powers more than a quarter of the world's 10 million websites - its versatile, user-friendly interface makes it an ideal way to manage online content.

With nearly two decades' experience in supercharging business growth with greater efficiency, our solution provides the foundation of growth for your business. Our knowledge, combined with WooCommerce's ease of use and popularity, makes this integration a great business investment.

Flawless product management
Dynamic fulfilment
Automatic sales processing

How can this integration HELP YOUR BUSINESS?

WooCommerce is great - thousands of users agree - but Khaos Control Cloud makes it even greater. How? Because to do anything, from updating products to managing orders, requires logging into WordPress. That's a hassle, meaning endless spreadsheets and time consuming data exports, and is made worse the more channels you sell over.

Our cloud integration gets around this by providing a single login, allowing you to access all of your WooCommerce functionality in one place at the click of a button.

WooCommerce order PROCESSING

Our direct integration with WooCommerce means:

  • No need to login to your Wordpress CMS and pull new orders down yourself.
  • Rekeying errors and miscommunication becomes a thing of the past.
  • More time is freed up for you and your team to focus on delivering an even better experience to your customers.

Manage your WooCommerce INVENTORY

Pulling purchases down from your WooCommerce store(s) to Khaos Control Cloud as they occur and uploading product levels the instant they change ensures all of your channels and up to date with regards to what you are able to fulfil. Integrating WooCommerce with Khaos Control Cloud ensures:

  • The eradication of overselling.
  • Hours saved by not having to check product levels for WooCommerce.
  • Your business is able to live up to the guarantees that have been given to your WooCommerce customers.

Manage your WooCommerce SHIPPING

Fulfil WooCommerce shipments via our one-stop despatch portal. This ensures:

  • WooCommerce consumers get the correct order first time.
  • Your business increases in profit and customer satisfaction by picking the correct delivery service via our courier integrations.
  • Communicating with your WooCommerce community is enhanced thanks to the ability to share courier parcel numbers with your agents and customers.

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