The technical team here at Khaos Control have picked two key items off our Development Roadmap in this month’s release of our Cloud ERP:

  1. Stock Level Updates for Channels
  2. Drop Shipping

As you can imagine, we’re super-excited to be delivering these two key features in time for our customers to benefit in the pre-Christmas rush. Listening to our customers and ensuring that Khaos Control Cloud contains the tools and functionality that they require is fundamental to the way we work. These two features also deliver on two of the key elements that drive all of the software we develop:

  • Does it make our customers more efficient?
  • Does it remove the need for manual intervention?

Automation is vital for companies that are selling across a variety of channels and want to grow. Without robust, scalable automation tools in place, the only way you can grow you business is by throwing people at it. Whilst that works as a short-term strategy, it’s not the answer for long-term, sustainable growth.

Stock Level Updates for Channels

stock level updating for channelsThousands of users automate the channel and marketplace order downloads via our software every day and now Khaos Control Cloud customers can further automate their processes, thanks to this new feature. For each channel and / or marketplace that you integrate with our Cloud ERP, you can automatically update stock levels.

Gone are the days of you and your colleagues remembering to manually update your stock figures online.

No more need to worry about over (or under) selling stock when it’s being sold on more than one channel.

This tool ensures that all of the power that comes as standard in Khaos Control Cloud, when it comes to multi-site stock control, is now available to your channels.

We’re conscious that different companies will have different requirements with regards to how they update their channels, so we’ve made this tool completely configurable, to ensure that the application works in the best way possible for your business.

To learn more about this feature, how it works and how to set it up, watch our Explainer Video:

Drop Shipping

drop shippingLooking to grow your business without having to invest in warehouse-space and people to pick, pack and despatch your orders? Drop Shipping may be the method for you. Selling goods in this way enables you to shift risk from yourself to your suppliers and, potentially, puts you in a position to have an unlimited range of products for sale.

The challenges with Drop Shipping revolve around ensuring that the customer experience you provide is consistently excellent and that comes down to consistent communication between you, your suppliers and your customers. Relying on manual processes, intervention and management to achieve that introduces risk and reduces your margins. The Drop Shipping functionality introduced in the latest version of Khaos Control Cloud removes the manual headaches and risks for companies that are already Drop Shipping. It also opens this method of selling up to a whole range of customers that weren’t previously able to consider it.

Watch our Explainer Video to learn more about how to use and configure Drop Shipping in our ERP on the Go:

Print Archived Invoices

print archived invoices
Whilst this is a minor feature, we know that it’s something that’s going to make our customers’ lives much easier when they’re dealing with historic Accounts enquiries. You can now re-print an invoice, or other customer-facing document, for any archived invoice.

So next time an Account customer queries that invoice you sent them last quarter, you can just regenerate it and email it over to them!

Shipping Export

The Shipping Details Export in the Despatch Screen has been further improved to include additional key data, making it even quicker and easier than before to export invoices from Khaos Control Cloud for importing into your Shipping Software.


The technical team have also resolved the following bugs in the latest update:

  • Feedback messages displayed to the customer now interact correctly with users’ keyboards.
  • The data import error which led to the application processing more lines than are actually present in the file has been fixed.
  • The grid drag / drop not working correctly in Mozilla’s Firefox browser has been corrected. We have also resolved the issue which saw the Actions menu fail to work in Mozilla in certain circumstances.
  • Mobile device styling and grid cards now display as expected.
  • The intermittent error which led to the ‘Delete’ action button not being enabled when in ‘Edit’ mode has been fixed. We have also resolved the error which led to the Delete button’s status not displaying correctly.
  • The Apply Value Range function will no longer update cells in a grid that are read-only.
  • The error which led to the Navigation Bar not scrolling on iOS devices has been fixed.
  • Fusion Charts, which power the Dashboard functionality, have been updated to a new version.

If our latest update doesn’t include the functionality that you and your business are waiting for, click through to our Development Roadmap, up-vote the functionality you want to see introduced and tell us why.

Still stuck using manual processes, or an application that’s being left behind? Book a demo today and learn how Khaos Control Cloud can help your business grow.