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In-build accounting

Accounting is the foundation of any business. Without being able to track your incomings and outgoings, you will never be able to determine how successful your business is. That’s why our solution has an extensive, build-in accounting module, allowing you to control your accounts, alongside your other core processes.

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Campaign management

Campaign management is a useful tool for enterprises looking to run effective marketing and advertising campaigns. With the ability to promote and market your products, Khaos Control Cloud puts your business one step ahead of the competition. with comprehensive campaign management at your fingertips.

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CRM integration

Our system offers you the best integrated CRM/stock control combo on the market, perfect for creating prompts for telesales and keeping up to date with customers. CRM is the bedrock of any successful business, don’t be left in the dust by your competition because they have better customer satisfaction!

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Audit trail/balance sheet

Accounting is a fundamental function for all businesses. Dealing with finances, processing payroll and creating financial reports is crucial to the success of a business and is unavoidable. Why pay for a stock control software and a separate auditing system? Khaos Control Cloud provides both, saving you time and money.

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Previously, I had to create purchase orders by manually adding each item, which took up so much time and energy. With Khaos Control Cloud, I’m able to raise a purchase order quickly with bulk order selections. The support provided by the whole team is wonderful, they’re there every step of the way.

Sarah Bell, NPD Manager at 6th Floor Beauty


While we think Khaos Control Cloud is the best, Veeqo does have features that make it a useful system for some. Both Veeqo and Khaos Control Cloud have a number of unique functions such as; invoice processing, order entry, sales analytics shipping management and a number of other features. Both Veeqo and Khaos Control Cloud are experts in inventory and back office management.

An important consideration when selecting your solution is having everything in one place. Khaos Control Cloud makes business as easy and efficient as possible. Features such as flexible order management, order tracking, real time inventory and reporting, stock management and return functionalities, make doing business a lot simpler.