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27 Oct 2016

Khaos Control Training Webinar – Keycodes

Drop Shipping Webinar

Our latest webinar was on Keycodes in Khaos Control. The session focused on the new functionality that has been added with regards to:

  • Value discounts being applied to an entire order,
  • The use of multiple keycodes per sales order,
  • The use of Keycode aliases and how they can drive personalised promotions.

You can watch the session below and we have included the Training Team’s notes for reference after the video.

If you would like to know more about how Khaos Control can help your business, please contact our Sales Team and arrange a free demonstration.


1.           What are we going to cover?

During this Webinar we are going to cover:

  1. Setting up monetary Discounts against sales order headers.
  2. Setting up keycodes so more than one can be used on a sales order.
  3. Setting up unique customer discount codes known as Alias Keycodes.


2.           Setting up Monetary Discounts

Setting up monetary discounts is very simple and is done with a keycode.
This new functionality means that discounts can be added to the whole order rather than against individual item lines.
In this example we are going to give customers a £10 discount if their order value is over £100.

  1. Create a new Keycode.
  2. Enter a code – DISC10.
  3. Enter a description – £10 discount.
  4. We’re going to limit this to retail
  5. Add new line to the upper grid.
  6. Change the Low value to £100.
  7. Change the High amount to £99999.
  8. The keycode screen has two additional fields in the upper discounts and delivery rates grid:
    a) Discount Amount – this is where you add the total amount of the discount, in this case £10.
    b) We need to tick the option in the adjacent column, Amt Discount Enabled, to activate this discount amount.
  9. Save the Keycode.

We are now ready to test our discount, but before we do we need to use some new functionality that was described in the Khaos Control summer roadshows, that is being able to configure the grids. This is because you need to enable one hidden column to see the discount and how it is applied across the items on the sales order.


3.    Configuring the Sales Order Grid

  1. Create a new sales order for Barry Barlow (BBA).
  2. From the Grid Menu select Configure Grid.
  3. Scroll to the right and for DiscH£ (G) untick the Hide Column option.
  4. Move the column to before Net Tot.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Notice that the column headings are now yellow indicating that the grid has been configured differently from the default.


4.    Applying the monetary discount

We’re now going to add the keycode and start to add the stock items the customer wishes to buy.

  1. Add stock item:
    108 Tiger Shark Great White Anti-slice Driver
  2. Add the keycode DISC10.
  3. Notice that the discount hasn’t been applied because the order value hasn’t reached £100.
  4. Change the quantity to 3.
  5. The discount has been applied, the order value is now £143.47 (3 x £49.99 plus the £3.50 delivery charge minus the £10)
  6. The whole £10 discount has been applied to that line.

What happens to the discount if we add another item?

  1. Add stock item:
    002261 Bubblewrap
  2. Notice how the discount has been proportionally applied to all the items.
  3. Move to the Additional tab.
  4. The total discount amount can be seen in the Discount Val


5.    What happens when you return an item?

So, what happens when you return an item? Let’s create a return and see…

  1. Process the order.
  2. Open Barry’s sales order.
  3. Return one Tiger Shark Great White Anti-slice Driver, it’s been damaged and not fit for use.
  4. Change the quantity in the return to one.
  5. Direct exchange.
  6. Process the Return.
  7. Notice the amount that the item being returned for £46.86.
  8. Let’s go back to the original sales order and see how this has been calculated.

The Tiger Shark Great White Anti-slice Driver was originally £49.99 eachWe bought 3 so with a total discount of 9.38 (DiscH£ (G))
This works out at £3.13 per item.
£49.99 minus £3.13 equals £46.86.
This matches the amount on the Return Exchange.

If we continue to process the return we can see what the system does:

  • Issue the Credit Note in the Return.
  • Credit the Exchange Note.
  1. Go to the Credit Note.
  2. In the grid that the discount amounts have been added.
  3. In the Additional tab that:
    a) The original keycode has been added.
    b) There is a Discount Val of £3.13.
  4. Go to the Exchange Note.
  5. In the grid that the discount amounts have been added.
  6. In the Additional tab that:
    a) The original keycode has been added.
    b) There is a Discount Val of £3.13.

So, that’s how you apply a header discount amount using a keycode.
We’re now going to look at being able to use more than one keycode for a sales order.


6.    Using Multiple Keycodes on a Sales Order

Khaos Control has been improved so that it is now possible to add more than one keycode per sales order, this includes any associated discounts (including the monetary discount), free or reduced items or free delivery, so you can see that there are lots of different types of offers that can be setup.
A sales order can now have a single Tracking Keycode in the Additional tab and below there is a grid where you can add additional keycodes, we’ll see the difference between those in a moment.
For this scenario, we are using two Keycodes.


7.    The First Keycode – Free Delivery Keycode

The first keycode has free delivery for retail customers who spend over £20.

  1. Open a promotion screen.
  2. Open the Keycode tab.
  3. Open Keycode FDELHALL Free Halloween Delivery.
  4. Edit Mode.
  5. Change the Classification to Retail.
  6. Tick the Discount Code checkbox.

Note that this is a tracking keycode with an offer attached. Tracking keycodes are used in Sales Summary to see who has ordered and what they have bought from you.
A discount code can’t be tracked through Sales Summary, unless it is used as a Tracking keycode, and are used to apply discounts and offers on a sales order.

  1. Add a new line to the upper grid.
  2. Update the order value to start at £20 and end at £999999.
  3. Update the delivery amount to zero.
  4. Tick the Active checkbox.
  5. Save the keycode.


8.    The Second Keycode –  Halloween Offer Keycode

The second keycode has:

  • A free Halloween Mask for all orders over £30
  • 10% off Halloween Decoration Packs
  1. Create a new Keycode with a code and description HALL – Halloween Offer
  2. Change the End Date to 28th October.
  3. Tick the Discount Code checkbox.
  4. Enable the lower grid.
  5. Add new line and add 01554 Halloween Mask.
  6. Update the order value to start at £30 and end at £999999.
  7. Add a Discount of 100.
  8. Tick the Auto Add checkbox.
  9. Add stock items that have Halloween in their name, apart from Mask.
  10. Update the order value to start at £0 and end at £999999 using Apply Value Range.
  11. Add a 10% discount.
  12. Save the Keycode.


9.    Using multiple keycodes in a Sales Order

  1. Create a new sales order for Rita Richards.
  2. Add PHAX Large Venue Halloween Pack.
  3. Notice the delivery charge.
  4. Notice there is no discount added to the order line.
  5. Go to the Additional tab and add the FDELHALL Free Halloween Delivery.

This is the main tracking keycode and the keycode that any reporting is done against.

  1. Click the Alias Code Add New Item button.
  2. Click Go.
  3. This shows the codes that the customer can use and that have been marked as discount codes.
  4. We’re going to add the HALL – Halloween Offer Keycode.
  1. Notice that the mask has been added for free and that a 10% discount has been applied to the Halloween Pack.
  2. Save the sales order – but don’t process.

As you can see it is now possible to add more than one keycode to a sales order.


10.    Automatically Generating Discount Codes

We can go one step further and automatically create discount codes that are unique to each customer, for example, when you want to send a customer a unique code but limit the use to the person it was intended for, not friends, relatives or spread across social media!
These discount codes are generated when a customer purchases from you, so are a reward for being a customer and encourage repeat orders.
Let’s look at how you set these codes up and the changes that have been made in the system.
In this scenario, we want to encourage the customers that bought Halloween items to buy their Christmas decorations early with a 25% discount.


11.    Setup for Unique Discount Code Keycodes

  1. Open a promotion screen (show).
  2. Open Keycode X16 2016 Christmas Discount 25%.
  3. Notice:
    a) The Expiry Date – early December – we want customers to buy early!
    b) The Discount Code checkbox is ticked.
  4. Configure the Keycode:
    a) Make the lower grid Active.
    b) Add all the Christmas Baubles.
    c) Update the Order Value to £0 – £9999.
    d) Add a 25% discount on all items in the lower grid.
  5. Open the Aliases tab.
    a) The Enable Aliases checkbox is ticked.
    b) The format for the alias code X16-#####, this will generate unique codes for each customer based on the format X16- followed by an automatically generated number replacing the hashes.
    c) Manually add 00123 Mrs Joanna Smith to the Alias Grid.
    d) Delete the entry.
  6. Save the Keycode.


12.    Automatically creating the Alias code using Telesales Rules

We have set up the Alias code, the next step is to ensure that the codes are automatically created for all customers that meet the criteria. This is done in Telesales Rules.

  1. Open Telesale Rule 2016 Christmas Discount 25%.
  2. Go into Edit mode.
  3. Notice the green folder next to Issue Keycode Alias, this is where you select the keycode you want to automatically generate discount codes for.
  4. The trigger is the Keycode FDELHALL – Free Halloween Delivery.
  5. Save the telesales rule.


13.    Set up emails to automatically send out the alias keycode to Customers

The keycode can be emailed to the customer using a new tag ‘Generated Keycode Aliases’ in the Invoice type template (show).

  1. Go to the Email Manager
  2. Load email template Keycode Discount Keycode.
  3. Edit mode.
  4. Notice the $KEYCODE_ALIASES
  5. Save.

When an email is generated all the discount codes will be added to the email reminding the customer of the different offers they are entitled to.

  1. Go to the List tab.
  2. Load the Trigger Rules DISC Discount Code.
  3. Notice that the active conditions is when orders move from Issue to Current then generate and in this case send the email.
  4. Save the Trigger Rule.

The trigger must occur after the Issue stage as this is when the discount code is generated by the system.


14.    Checking the Unique Discount Code

  1. Open the sales order for Rita Richards and process it.
  2. Open Keycode X16 2016 Christmas Discount 25%.
  3. Open the Alias screen.
  4. Notice the code has been generated for Rita Richards – she is the only person with this code and therefore the only person that could use it.

So how do you use the Alias Code in a sales order?


15.    Can anyone use the Alias keycode in a sales order?

  1. Create a new sales order for 00918 Miss Joanne Pullinger.
  2. Add the XFDEL Christmas Free Delivery Keycode for free delivery.
  3. Add the Alias code for X16 2016 Christmas Discount 25% – it’s not there.


16.    Using the Alias keycode in a sales order

  1. Create a new sales order for Rita Richards.
  2. Add the XFDEL Christmas Free Delivery Keycode for free delivery.
  3. Add the Alias code for X16 2016 Christmas Discount 25%.
  4. Add some baubles and see the discount has been added.
  5. Save the sales order.


17.           What have we Covered?

That’s it for the examples. During this webinar we have covered:

  • Adding a monetary discount
  • Using more than one keycode on a sales order
  • Automatically creating unique discount codes for customers.


18.           Q&A

A couple of key questions were raised during the webinar:

  1. How will the new keycode functionality work with eCommerce websites and marketplaces, such as Shopify?
    As Mike covered, the new value discount, multiple keycode and keycode alias behaviour is included within our standard API from version 8.108 onwards.  Therefore, any eCommerce website that integrates with Khaos Control via the API can take advantage of these new features.
    We are yet to implement order value discounts and the other features mentioned within our marketplace integrations. However, we have added this onto our development roadmap so that our Shopify integration, and our integration with other channels where appropriate, does include this going forward.
  2. Do Expiry Dates work with Keycode Aliases?
    In short, yes. These work as you would expect.  Define the expiry date and this will apply as it would for a ‘normal’ keycode.


19.           Future Webinars

The next Webinar will cover how to use Khaos Control’s CRM functionality in order to deliver a great customer experience.
Details on how to sign up will follow soon and hopefully I will see you then.
If you have any suggestions for topics you would like to see in future Webinars please let us know by emailing

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