The Challenges You Face

Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance

Are you certain that your data is secure and backed up regularly?
Are you compliant and is it as easy as it should be for you to attain / retain compliance?


In a 24/7 world is your Khaos Control server constantly accessible?
Do you have the appropriate redundancies in place in case of emergency?


Are you able to use Khaos Control whenever and wherever you like?
Can you maximise your physical servers’ performance via virtualisation?
Monitoring & Recovery

Monitoring & Recovery

How do you stay ahead of the curve with regards to monitoring your servers and their performance?
Should the worst happen and a server go down, how quickly can you be back up and running?


Are you able to scale your server resources dynamically and responsively?
Do you have the flexibility to plan for – and put in place – additional server resources at peak times? i.e. Cyber Monday, Prime Day, Boxing Day etc.


Are you getting value for money from your server provision / hosting provider?
Would you benefit from no initial costs and dynamic monthly pricing that reduces or increases in line with the resources you’re using?

More Benefits of Khaos Hosting…

Use Khaos Control Wherever you likeUse Khaos Control wherever and whenever you like:
Office, Home, Multi-site, Multi-shop, On the road, Trade Shows…

No Need for in-house serversNo Need for your own in-house Khaos Control serversplug and play for Khaos Control

Industry leading supportIndustry leading support (08:30 to 17:00 Monday to Friday) via phone and email.

  • Our unique backup and disaster recovery solution offers you more than any ‘normal’ hosting provider can. Our fully trained technicians’ knowledge of Windows Servers, SQL Server and Khaos Control means that they are in a unique position to help should you need us to recover your database. Providing peace of mind for your business.
  • Database backups are taken throughout the day, ensuring that, should we have to roll your database back to the last valid instance, you’ll be losing minutes or hours of data, not days or weeks.
  • Combining MBCS accredited technical knowledge with our experience of deploying and supporting Khaos Control.
  • Enhanced Live Data support. With your Live database hosted on our own virtual servers in our data centre network, our Support Team can leverage the fibre back-bone to transfer data to our own hosted virtual machines for de-bugging and issue resolution. This results in quicker resolution times and an even better experience for your users.

VirtualisationVirtualisation – why it rocks:

  • Improved disaster recovery. Virtualisation allows you to un-hook your server from the physical hardware it’s using, this means that moving your virtual server to another physical machine – in case of hardware failure – can be pretty much instant.
  • RAM, processors and other server resources can be instantly increased / decreased, providing you with elastic capacity that shrinks and expands to fit your needs.
  • Reduced environmental footprint.
  • Increased uptime

Technical DetailTechnical Detail:

  • Private Cloud, ensures storage and resources dedicated to your business as appropriate for mission critical software and sensitive data.
  • Our servers are mirrored and virtualised. This means that if there is a hardware failure, your solution is back up and running automatically on fall-back hardware in short order.
  • Our servers run Windows.
  • Remote access for your users is via native Remote Application or RDP / Terminal Services, providing access to Khaos Control wherever and whenever you have internet access. Our Remote App allows your users to log into Khaos Control from their desktop without even knowing that they’re using a hosted application.
  • Managed backups retained for 30 days.
  • Automated reporting and pro-active support ensure that issues are identified and resolved before they impact your business.
  • Due to virtualisation, resources can be increased / decreased to suit the demands of your business.
  • Storage – packages start with 40GB of space for images, files and other applications (excepting email clients and public-facing websites) and increase as your business’ requirements grow, with your monthly cost updated in line with what you’re using.

Great value provisionGreat value provision:

  • All inclusive-pricing, which includes CALs and SQL Server Licences as well as Disaster Recovery, Server Support and a comprehensive Backup Strategy.
  • Dynamic pricing options based on resources required – allows you to stay in control of your costs as your business grows.
  • Free migration of Khaos Control from your existing server(s) to Khaos Hosting.

Worldwide Data Centre NetworkWorldwide Data Centre Network which:

  • Ensures Server Uptime of 99.99%
  • Constantly mirrors your Khaos Control solution, providing robust and seamless fallback in case of hardware failure.
  • Enables Disaster Recovery* within 2 hours (8:30 to 17:00 Monday to Friday)
    *Restoring and remounting your Khaos Control database in the event of data corruption, user error or virus damage.
  • Provides dedicated fibre access between 15 locations across the globe, ensuring redundancy and rapid failover – when required.

SecuritySecurity – The physical servers that host your Khaos Control solution are secured as follows:

  • Only formally accredited employees are able to physically access the servers.
  • Access is controlled by personal tags, video surveillance and 24/7 on-site security.
  • All rooms are fitted with the latest smoke alarms and detection equipment.
  • Data centre technicians are available, on-site, 24/7.


  • All servers benefit from a double power supply.
  • Network connection redundancy is built into each data centre, with a minimum of two network connections per server and at least two network rooms per data centre.
  • Backup generators at each data centre have an initial capacity of 48 hours if electricity supply to a data centre fails completely.

ComplianceCompliance – each data centre:

  • Is certified ISO 27001::2005 for the provision and operation of dedicated cloud computing infrastructures.
  • Bases their security management and risk assessment norms and processes on ISO 27002 and ISO 27005.

Minimum Environmental impactEnvironmental impact kept to a bare minimum.

Each data centre is designed with the aim of minimising the amount of power required to run, and cool, the servers that are housed there. As a result they all attain industry-leading standards of power efficiency ensuring that your business’ carbon footprint is minimised.

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