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Providing your managers and business leaders with access to key data 24/7, wherever they are, is vital and Khaos's mobile order management solution does just this, allowing you to deploy a suite of key reports. The data sets and layouts for these reports are defined and maintained in the system and the reports themselves are then available anywhere, at any time, via your own web service. Multiple reports can be combined onto one page, giving a KPI-based overview, or your reports can be set to cycle every few seconds. Either way, the comprehensive Dashboards are the ideal way of knowing how your business is performing whilst you’re on the move. An order tracking system on a single screen overview available on your mobile!


Hand Held Terminals

When using Khaos Control’s built-in Warehouse Management System (WMS), companies can benefit from deploying our Hand Held Terminal (HHT) solution. Our browser-based HHT application allows you to streamline your key warehouse operations, whilst providing increased control and accuracy, reducing mis-picks, stock errors. Solid order management relies on reducing human error and enhancing the level of data available in real-time. Due to the flexibility of its deployment, the HHT solution is hardware independent and allows companies to roll out the hardware solution that’s most appropriate to their business. Click through to learn more about Khaos Control’s HHT solution.


Responsive Design for your eCommerce Solution

Our eCommerce solutions use the latest technology and techniques in order that your website(s) remains flexible, up-to-date and modern. One of those techniques is ‘Responsive Design’. This is the way in which a website ‘responds’ to the device it is being viewed on, so that when your visitors are browsing via a mobile device or tablet, the website automatically identifies this and responds accordingly, resizing elements on the page so that the customer doesn’t have to worry about zooming in on tiny text and buttons. Click through to learn more about Khaos Control’s approach to responsive design in our eCommerce solutions.


iOS / Android Applications

Providing mobile order management for your ERP software that is flexible enough to be deployed via a number of different platforms is, as you’ll have seen above, key. In the past, we have developed mobile selling applications for iOS, for example; a mobile selling ‘app’ for use a Trade Shows, and we remain committed to extending Khaos Control in this direction in the future. Please contact us for more information on future plans in this regard.


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