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Amazon, Ebay & Play

Our Ebay, Amazon and Play integrations will auto-ringfence your stock (on bid, or sale, or listing) and auto-adjust listed stock (when sold on any channel) to allow for stock to be managed across all of your channels seamlessly. Automatically communicating with Amazon and Ebay via their APIs, Khaos Control will also de-list when appropriate and supports stock variants. Multi channel software ensures that your channels are updated throughout the pick, pack and despatch process and that shipping notifications are generated automatically.



Integrate your Magento website with Khaos Control via our fully featured API which allows you to integrate your inventory, order management and customer data, ensuring that your Magento website avoids the pitfalls of over-selling and stock outages. Multi channel retailing involves a lot of data to keep track of so having it all in one place takes the juggling act out of the equation.


3rd Party Websites

Khaos Control’s powerful and wide-ranging API, provides your web developer partner with the ability to directly integrate with your back office system, ensuring that your customers are able to benefit from consistent pricing, offers, content and stock levels, however they shop with you. As your website can provide customers with the ability to manage their data, track their orders and review their order history via the API, you can concentrate on growing your business and establishing yourself as a multi channel retailer without having to prioritise one channel above others.



Understanding how each of your channels is performing and having access to real-time sales figures by channel is key to managing your channels and knowing that your offering is priced and marketed appropriately. Instant sales analysis across all of your channels provides you with insight into the profitability of your various sales channels, customers and products.


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