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Matt Weston

By Matt Weston

01 Feb 2016

Multichannel Integration that’s second to none? That’s Khaos Control!


Khaos Control’s multichannel integration has allowed retailers to automate their processes and provide their customers with a consistent, omnichannel, experience for more than a decade. Linking your eCommerce website(s) with your back office software is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for growing retailers, but is mandatory. The manual work and poor customer experience that follow when this is not done are simply not acceptable in this day and age.

Khaos Control provides retailers with an extensive and scalable website integration through our Standard Web Service (API). Web Services allows your Web Developers to pass data back and forth to and from Khaos Control, extracting stock information, inputting orders and much more. The Web Services act as a toolkit for your web developers, allowing them to integrate as fully with Khaos Control as your customer experience requires.

This blog post will highlight some of the latest changes in our Standard Web Service so that you, and your web developers, are able to further enhance your customers’ online journey.

To allay any fears which might be starting to rise at the idea of changes to Khaos Control’ Web Services, it should be noted that all changes are made with backwards compatibility at the forefront of our thoughts. When making changes to our API, we ensure that they are, where possible, backwards compatible. The way in which the API is developed and maintained means that new features and options can be added without impacting current usage.

If you’d like to know more about how Khaos Control’s web service can help revolutionise your customers’ experience, please contact our sales team today. Alternatively, read on for detailed information on some of the recent changes to our API.


Web-only Stock

Khaos Control’s ‘Publish to Web’ flag has allowed companies to control which items are, and are not, sold online for many years. This functionality has been extended in the version 8.97.0 of Khaos Control such that your web developers can now use this as a parameter when asking for stock information.

This will allow your Web Developer to restrict the stock items they request to only those they will be publishing on the website. In systems where there are only a few Publish to Web SKUs, and a lot of Stock Codes which are not to be published, this new addition will result in a significant increase in performance. Even if your proportion of published and not-published items isn’t that significant this new parameter will allow your Web Developer to ensure they are only dealing with stock which is supposed to be on the website, removing the previously necessary step of refining the results after export.


Improved Stock Level Accuracy on your Website

Exporting current stock levels is part of Khaos Control’s core API and allows eCommerce websites to display accurate stock levels to customers. This functionality has been extended such that web developers can now request time, as well as date-specific stock movements from Khaos Control when calling for the latest stock levels. This ensures that the data returned is even more accurate and that the amount of data web developers have to parse when requesting levels can be reduced.


Export individual web categories

Khaos Control’s web category functionality allows companies to control their eCommerce websites’ CMS with regards to products directly from Khaos Control. Version 8.97.0 onwards of Khaos Control now allows web developers to limit web category requests to specific websites, categories and or category elements.

The efficiency gains from making use of this new method will grow as your website(s) grow in size and complexity. The more categories you have, and the more Stock Codes you have per category, the more performance will improve by splitting down the data requests to Khaos Control into smaller, more manageable pieces.


Pay the balance on account

The API for Khaos Control (v8.95.79 onwards) now support the ability to import orders with the ‘Remainder on Account’ flag ticked, allowing greater use of the Account Customer functionality in Khaos Control on your website. This will allow you to setup your website to automatically handle Trade orders without, where appropriate, needing a user to intervene.


Company Credit Code Now Available via API

The Credit Code field found on the Customer’s Financial screen will now (v.8.97.0 of Khaos Control onwards) be exported when your website requests the customer’s information from Khaos Control. Credit Code is a free-text field which can be used however you wish as it holds no special meaning within the system. An examples for how this field might be used: entering a code which means ‘account written off’, the website can then look for this code and take the appropriate actions when it is encountered.


What do I do next?

If you’re a Khaos Control customer but you’re not yet using Web Services to integrate your back office software with your website please contact our development team who will be able to provide the latest copy of our Web Service Integration Guide; a pack of very useful information which will tell you and your Web Developers everything you need to know about what’s on offer. If your Web Developers think it’s something they can work with then we can install and configure them. There is a fee associated with activating and configuring Web Services.

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