27th April 2022

As the war between Ukraine and Russia continues and tensions rise, The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has warned that all UK businesses should be taking measures to protect against a heightened cyber threat.

The ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia is not just taking place on the ground, it’s also taking the form of numerous cyber-attacks. ‘Wiper’ malware that erases the data on targeted devices has been sweeping through Ukraine, spilling into other countries. More recently, Russia have been deemed guilty of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against the financial sector in Ukraine.

It’s easy to think a war raging so far away will have little impact on ecommerce, with business owners being more concerned about economic consequences than digital security. But, as Lindy Cameron – CEO of the NCSC points out, cyber-attacks do not respect geographic boundaries and UK businesses are attacked daily by overseas ransomware attacks.

The risk of overspill is looming and it’s vital that organizations take steps to protect themselves.

The NCSC has released a guide outlining what actions organizations need to take when the cyber threat is heightened.

The Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre has provided a free cyber incident response plan which can be downloaded and used, edited, or built upon as needed to create an effective process to handle a cyber-attack.