The Impact of Issuing a Sales Invoice in Khaos Control Cloud

Once you’ve despatched your customers’ orders, you need to know the impact on your bottom line. Issuing invoices in Khaos Control Cloud impacts the financial and stock control elements of the system and is a vital step in terms of providing you with control over your business.

This Explainer Video takes you through the different financial and stock control elements that are impacted by the issue process.

00:00 Introduction

00:28 The Despatch Screen
Check Fulfillment tasks.

01:43 Financial Implications
Looking at the Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Report and Balance Sheet Report.

03:01 Stock Items
Looks at stock level implications.

03:01 Customers
How these are affected.

03:01 Bank Account

03:31 Conclusion

Nominal Accounts in Khaos Control Cloud

As an integrated ERP solution, nominal accounts are the beating financial heart of Khaos Control Cloud.

This explainer video breaks down how Nominal Accounts work in Khaos Control Cloud and how to create and maintain the three most common forms of nominal account.

00:00 Introduction

00:52 Trial Balance
A snapshot of your current financial situation.

02:52 Creating New Nominal Accounts
Setting up.

03:40 Creating a Bank Account Nominal
For every bank account you want to reconcile from Khaos Control Cloud.

06:22 Creating a Sales Nominal
Financially analysing your performance.

09:56 Setting up Expenses
For company expenses.

10:46 Conclusion

Creating Customer & Supplier Opening Balances in Khaos Control Cloud

Take the hassle out of handling existing customer and supplier invoices by bringing them into your ERP on the Go as opening balances.

Our Quick Entry Dialog allows you to create opening balances for your customers and suppliers in moments, ensuring that you and your team don’t drop the ball on important outstanding invoices and / or payments.

Just one more way in which we’re providing you with more time for The Good Stuff!

00:00 Introduction

00:29 Setting Accounts | Trial Balance
Creating the Opening Balance.

02:33 Adding a Second Transaction
For the same customer.

02:58 Change Company Posting Against

03:18 Supplier Opening Balances

04:04 Trial Balance Impact

04:44 Conclusion