We’ve been on an incredible journey since we started powering multi-channel retailers almost two decades ago. Giving our customers the ability to test, analyse, refine and reboot their marketing campaigns is one of the many things that enable the Khaos Family to thrive.
We’ve striven to constantly improve and expand our application, becoming ever more essential for business growth.
Our ERP wouldn’t have been in continuous use for so long, with so many customers, unless it withstood the day-to-day demands of business, scaled with increased sales and added value.
We’re battle-tested, meaning that 2017’s Khaos Control is more robust and feature-laden than at any other time.
Unlike other business management software providers, when you buy Khaos Control, you’re given access to all its features from day one. There’s no getting the software only to find you’re suddenly lacking specific functionality and must shell out again to get it.
But businesses have to prioritise when they start using a new system and delivering the complete package from day one can mean that certain features – like the ability to improve the way in which a business runs its marketing campaigns – are overlooked.
In this blog post, we’ll take a whistle-stop tour of Khaos Control’s advanced marketing features. These mean harnessing customer information, covering orders and leads and prospects, intelligently so you’ll create awesome marketing campaigns tailored to different demographics for maximum effect. Then number crunch the results after so you’ll know what worked and what didn’t.
There are two parts to this:

  1. Data reporting, mining the vast seam of data your business produces daily with the Sales Summary and List Manager. This makes patterns and trends, and group behaviour, apparent.
  2. Khaos Control’s Keycodes, also known as Campaign Codes or Marketing Codes, let users put up a massive range of offers and track their performance. From simple BOGOFs, to monetary and percentage discounts, as well as free or reduced delivery.

So, how do we help you make sense of the data?

Sales Summary

The Sales Summary screen allows users to review their sales and supplier statistics. It’s also used to analyse Keycodes’ success, look at best selling products, profit margins, supplier performance and many more indicators.
The Sales Summary screen is broken down into several areas, of which we’ve listed some below:

  • Best Sellers tab: The Best Sellers tab is used to view sales with a financial breakdown of stock items, or Stock Types, using filters. For instance, viewing stock items sold on the website, or viewing stock items that have been marked Lost Demand in sales orders. Once the user has returned the results in a grid, they can use the grid menu to either print the contents of the grid or save the information as a text file.
  • Customers tab: The Customers screen displays the total sales per customer, or customer classification, and those sales’ total profitability. Again, once the user has returned the results in the grid, they can use the grid menu to either print the contents of the grid, save the information as a text file, print out labels or use the List Manager to send out promotions to specific groups of customers.
  • Sales Source tab: The Sales Summary Sale Source analysis tab is used to see which medium orders are using when entering your business.
  • Keycodes tab: The Keycodes tab allows the user to view the profitability and success of Keycodes when used in conjunction with catalogues and as marketing codes.

For more information, consult our Wiki: http://support.khaoscontrol.com/wiki_kcx/index.php?title=Sales_Summary_Overview.
Now, use this data to create awesome marketing campaigns, for which Keycodes are the Holy Grail. On this, we’ve produced a how-to Webinar video, complete with transcript, so you’ll see their power in action.
It’s viewable below with the transcript accessible by following the link underneath.


Want to know more? Read this webinar’s transcript: https://www.khaoscontrol.com/khaos-control-training-webinar-keycodes/.
For yet more information, consult our Wiki: http://support.khaoscontrol.com/wiki_kcx/index.php?title=How_To:_Promotion.

List Manager

The List Manager allows users to filter customer and supplier data, create customer and supplier lists (by excluding and combining lists) and export the resulting information. It’s also possible to add a Keycode to a customer’s record manually, create catalogue requests en masse, add a Communication Log entry to one or more customers and print address labels.
Although the Sales Summary provides customer information, such as those who were created during a date range but did not go onto buy any items, the List Manager allows users to use that information to send out marketing information, either by email or CSV file, to encourage non-buyers to start purchasing items again.
The List Manager can also be used to chase debtors and to email customers about issues with their sales orders. For example, when a stock item on back order will take longer than expected to arrive.
For more information, consult our Wiki: http://support.khaoscontrol.com/wiki_kcx/index.php?title=The_List_Manager.

Creating Awesome Marketing Campaigns in Khaos Control – Conclusion

Marketing Campaigns analysedThat’s a whistle-stop tour covering a real hidden gem of Khaos Control – its ability to manipulate customer and sales data so you’ll be able to create a limitless number of targeted marketing campaigns, following up on their performance, so you’ll easily see what’s working.
It’s a much better solution than flying blind, conducting trial and error promotions without data, or reliance on third party applications to log information and interpret it. You never have to leave one system, our system, Khaos Control.
As our comprehensive Wiki and webinar videos demonstrate, our Training Department is a powerhouse of activity. And to Khaos Control users, they’re available for training sessions, a great investment that ensures you get the very most out of our software as your business management solution.
Get in touch to book training today!