Uploading product images to Khaos Control Cloud

We know that for you, as an online retailer, product images are vital. They don’t just have to look great, but you need to be able to use them across all of your channels, easily and efficiently.

Our Content Delivery Network allows you to do just that. You are able to upload your product images to our application and then share these across all of your different online platforms and channels from one central source. It’s that simple!

In this short video we take you through the process of uploading product images, navigating around the image store and highlighting how to share these images across your channels.

00:00 Introduction

00:17 Select your Image

01:01 Shareable Image URLs
Product images uploaded to Khaos Control Cloud can be shared anywhere.

Importing products into Khaos Control Cloud

Why create products from scratch when you already have the content to hand? Our configurable and powerful data import tool allows you to import custom product files, making it even easier to escape your spreadsheets!

In this video we take you through the process of importing product data straight into your account, including:

• Configuring your import template
• Populating this with your own data
• Validating your files
• Successfully importing and using your product data.

00:00 Introduction

00:27 Creating a Product Import Template
Using the Template Generator

03:30 Populating Template Data

05:10 Importing Data
Importing and verifying your data.

07:06 Conclusion

A Brief Overview of Stock Adjustments in Khaos Control Cloud

From opening balances to updating your figures after a stock check, Khaos Control Cloud makes it quick and easy to keep your stock figures in line.

This short explainer video takes you through making:

• Single Adjustments
• Multiple Adjustments
• Adjusting By and Adjusting To

00:00 Introduction

00:42 Stock Tools Button
Performing Stock Adjustments

02:15 Adjusting multiple Stock Items
At the same time.

03:44 Setting Product Location

04:19 Conclusion