Getting to know Khaos Control Cloud

Our ERP on the Go has a clean, simple interface that is easy to use and works on any device.

In this video we provide you with a brief overview, in order that you hit the ground running with our application.

00:00 Introduction

00:17 Logging On

00:58 Dashboard

01:20 What’s New?

01:58 Admin Panel

02:40 Notifications Bell

02:53 Site

03:15 Action Button

03:30 Shortcut Command

03:54 KC Heading

05:15 Help

06:50 Conclusion

Importing Sales Orders into Khaos Control Cloud

Importing sales orders into your business management system should be simple and fast. Our Cloud ERP makes it just that, providing you with a flexible, customisable tool that allows you to import orders from ANY channel, quickly and easily.

This explainer video takes you through the process, from creating import templates, through validating the data you want to import to getting those orders in and watching them feed into your Fulfilment process.

00:00 Introduction

00:38 Data Input Screen
Configure the template.

02:03 Using the Template

02:57 Data Input
Importing the Sales Order File.

05:46 Sales Order Screen Impact

Defining User Permissions & Defaults in Khaos Control Cloud

You want everyone in your team to benefit from your Cloud ERP, but you want to be able to control what different people do and have access to.

Permissions and Default settings can be defined per user in Khaos Control Cloud to allow you to do just that.

This Explainer video takes you through how users are created and maintained, both in the Admin Panel and the application, and then demonstrates how to define default settings and permissions for each of your users.

00:00 Introduction

00:20 Setting Up by Admin Panel

01:50 Setting Up by System Setup

03:00 Setting Permissions

05:00 Permissions in Action

05:43 Conclusion

Please Note: This article was edited on 21/02/2018 to reflect Khaos Control Cloud’s updated process re: trials.