Setting up a WooCommerce Channel in Khaos Control Cloud

WordPress powers more than 1/4 of the world’s top 10 million websites. They’ve turned that scale into eCommerce domination, thanks to their WooCommerce engine.

In this explainer video, we take you through the three main steps that enable you to integrate your WooCommerce website into our ERP on the Go.

Once your business management application is hooked into your eCommerce engine, you’ll be left wondering why you spent so many hours / days / weeks / years (delete as applicable) downloading orders manually five times a day!

00:00 Introduction

00:34 Create a New Channel
Including name and default input options.

02:24 Set Channel-Specific Options
So Khaos Control Cloud can communicate with WooCommerce.

05:15 Match Khaos Control Cloud and WooCommerce Stock
How items listed on your channel correspond to your Khaos Control Cloud stock data.

07:17 Conclusion