The People That Make Khaos

Senior Management Team

Team Member

Mike Cockfield

Founder & Managing Director

Mike founded the company in 2000 with a vision of a software product that would surpass all rivals for quality and value. Having assembled a valued team of fellow visionaries, Mike is now able to focus on the future progression of the Khaos family of products. He is excited about what the future holds for the Khaos brand and the new opportunities it will bring to our customers. Mike, the father of four children, is a keen walker and occasionally likes to unwind with a video game or two! As leader of the business, Mike is keen to ensure employees reach their potential and are happy in their work. He is a keen advocate for a customer focused style of service delivery, making sure our values drive a positive customer experience.

Team Member

Dan Sherwood

Operations Director

Dan is an experienced manager, systems analyst, and software developer, having spent a number of years authoring industrial control systems and designing tailored business applications before joining the Khaos Control family in 2008. Since that time, Dan has held leading roles in our Development and Implementation teams, and in doing so has gained an in-depth knowledge of Khaos Control and the myriad benefits it brings to our entire customer base. As part of our Senior Management Team, Dan intends to ensure our further success, and that of all our customers, whilst maintaining our core values of quality and professionalism. As an avid technophile, Dan spends his free time researching the latest gadgets – which often involves taking them apart.

Team Member

Ben Nolan

Technical Services Manager

Ben has been a loyal member of the Khaos Control family since 2001, starting out as Mike’s first Application Developer and helping to build the business in the early days. By late 2005 Ben had progressed to Support Team Manager, later joining the senior management team. Ben steered the Support team for nearly nine years, fostering many employee success stories who started their time at Khaos within Ben’s team. Recently Ben has moved into a more technically focused role as the Technical Services Manager. Being at the heart of Khaos Control Solutions in this way has given Ben an intimate knowledge of the system and he continues to contribute to all aspects of Khaos Control from behind the scenes. Ben is a film buff who enjoys spending his spare time with his family and tinkering with his Raspberry Pi and other new technologies.

Team Member

Dean Baker

Customer Experience Manager

Dean started his career with The Woodland Trust working his way up from Support Technician to Analyst programmer. He then moved on to MRM promotional services, part of the Taylor Nelson group, developing software to support the fulfilment of promotions for big brand companies. Dean has enjoyed many roles in the IT Industry as well as other areas of business and after spending some time at TD Waterhouse in a high pressure customer services environment, discovered that he enjoyed the challenge and rewards offered by such roles. Working at Khaos Control Solutions since March 2007, Dean has remained focused on first line support and progressed from Support Technician to his current role as Customer Experience Manager, and is currently responsible for various aspects of the business including; installation of new instances of Khaos Control, releasing new versions to the customer base, and ensuring that our customers experience a consistently high level of performance, both from Khaos Control and our renowned Support Team.