Manage, create and track your opportunities
within our quoting software system

Give yourself and your sales team the confidence to manage all future business opportunities with powerful industry-leading sales and quoting software. Track your pipelines to ensure accurate sales forecasting and inventory requirements, as well as monitor the performance of your team to drive the business forward.

A screenshot showing the quotations screen in Khaos Control

Quick to quote and easy to track

Producing a quote for a customer couldn’t be easier. Negotiate prices and quickly generate professional-looking quotations which can then be tracked using our powerful CRM functionality. You’ll be able to view the last time the customer was chased and generate call lists of customers that your sales team can contact. Instantly view statistics on your conversion rates too.

A screenshot showing the quotations screen in Khaos Control Cloud

Cloud-based quotation software whilst you’re on the go

Wherever your sales force is, whether they’re in-office or on-site with a client, they can create and amend sales quotations for customers. This is perfect for face-to-face meetings with clients, with access to customer-specific pricing at the press of a button. Your salespeople can generate a personalised quotation and issue it to the customer for authorisation whilst still on-site.

A screenshot of an invoice email with the Khaos Control email editor popup over it

Email customers with quotes in an instant

Your customers can have your quote in their hands as soon as prices are agreed upon, allowing you to steal a march on your competitors. Customise your quotation paperwork with your own Terms and Conditions. You can even design your own template for the covering email in our email manager, ensuring your customer feels valued, all whilst maintaining your professional image.

A screenshot showing the quotations screen in Khaos Control

Weighted value for quotations

Once a sales quotation has been raised, you and your sales team can follow opportunities through the pipeline, updating weighting and status for opportunities as required. This provides you with a weighted value for your sales pipeline and provides you with the ability to review lost opportunities and feedback on lessons learned, enabling you to perfect your sales process.

A screenshot showing the quotations screen in Khaos Control Cloud with the actions menu open

Click of the button conversions

Successful quotations are converted into sales orders at the click of a button. No time wasted on re-keying orders and no customers upset by price changes. The customer gets what they wanted, as quickly as possible, whilst leaving you free to pursue the next opportunity.

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