Khaos Control Remote Training Terms

1 Booking Process

All bookings are processed on a first come, first served basis.

Training sessions may be provisionally booked by telephone, via your PCO or by email and will be reserved for a maximum of five working days. Sessions will remain provisional until the receipt of a Booking Request Form.

Client completes all relevant sections of the booking request form, indicating an alternative choice of date if possible. Please note if we do not receive the booking forms in the above timescale, we will assume you no longer require the day(s) specified and the dates may be offered to other companies.

We will send you confirmation after processing your booking form

If your course date is unavailable and an alternative date is indicated on your booking form, we will automatically book you for your second preference. Where we are unable to meet either of your training dates we will inform you of available dates around this period.

2 Cancellation Policy

Khaos Control operates a cancellation policy as follows:

3 Training Charges

The cost of phone training is £66 + VAT per hour, which is charged, pro-rata, in 15 minute increments. We are able to accommodate up to two people on each phone training session.