Know your business

You know your business and what makes it tick. Using our ERP Solutions you can constantly monitor your business’ performance.

Slice and dice Sales Orders, Stock Purchases and Sales Returns in order to deliver powerful KPIs and drive growth.

With detailed figures at your fingertips you’ll have the time and energy to focus on growing your business, rather than micro-managing your way through the day.

See at a glance which orders your team has processed so far today, which stages in the pick, pack, despatch cycle they are in, their monetary values and how much stock you were able to allocate to each one.

know your business better khaos control report functionality
get up to date figures khaos control cloud

Up to date figures at your fingertips

With constantly updated Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and Stock Value reports, you’ll always have the very latest information on the state of your business.

Real-time financial data that is driven by the sales and purchase transactions you’re processing through our ERP software, allows you to know what you’re selling, whether or not it’s profitable and, just as importantly, the bigger picture of how your business is performing.